Why Your Bra Rides Up In the Front? 5 Ways To Stop This Pet Peeve

Are you sure you have put on the right brassiere size, or does it stay in the right position? If the answer is No, you can find the reason why your bra rides up in the front in this writing.

This product is originally designed to support and hold your breasts while preventing shoulder and back pain. Thus, choosing the wrong size of bandeau or wearing it improperly will result in discomfort and other issues. 

Why Your Bra Rides Up In the Front?

The first and foremost reason why your brassiere keeps messing up is that it does not fit your body.

The solution is simply changing to another one with an accurate size for your chest. Make use of the online bra calculator to support your choice.

Your brassiere also rolls up due to the natural growth of your breasts or the changes in your weight. Besides, improper measurements or refusing to upsize your bandeau will result in the same issue.

Therefore, you should go to a physical store to get a professional fit and purchase a relevant bandeau. Meanwhile, if you do not have enough time, measure the size of your breasts at home and order online.

Follow the guidance in this video to get an accurate measurement at home.

Choosing the right size for your bra with simple steps

How To Prevent Your Bra From Rising Up

Adjust The Straps

Before putting it on:

  • Check your straps and adjust them if necessary.
  • Adjust till you can rest them on your shoulders and even slip a finger under the ties.
  • Stop adjusting when the straps stay fixed after you remove the finger.

The straps are too tight when the brassiere ties cut into your finger. Meanwhile, your bandeau is too large if the ties slip off your body as soon as you take the finger away.

Pay attention to the adjustment at the back as well. Once there are bulges after hooking, loosen it.

Minimize Sweating

Sweat, which is the result of the thick brassiere and tight band, will lead to the riding.

Thus, wipe off the water drops when there are not many. Or else, apply the antiperspirant on your chest before dressing up. Medication is recommended when sweating is serious.   

Go For Sports Bra

A Sports bra is supportive, comfortable, sturdy, and relevant for heavy work and exercises. This product can compress the breasts and reduce movements.  

Once the riding of your bandeau is controlled, you can reduce the chances of this problem.

Take The Accurate Bra Style

Numerous styles of bandeau for different purposes are available. However, the ones with small ties tend to ride up more often. Go for the products with thicker straps instead if possible.

Consider The Cup Size

The cups should rest conveniently against the boobs. If they are too small, the cups will chafe against your chest and leave red lines. Meanwhile, the too-large ones will roll up when you lift your arms.

Thus, choosing the right cups is necessary for bandeau-related issues prevention.


You have been provided with the reasons why your bra rides up in the front and typical solutions for this problem.

Follow the tips above to get the right brassiere size and style. Once you choose the relevant ones, they will improve your appearance a lot.

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