Why You Should Never Buy Victoria’s Secret Bras? Surprising Reasons

Hot models, angel wings, and fancy lingerie were once iconic. Needless to say, there is all that both men and women say about the lingerie giant - Victoria's Secret. However, the queen no longer holds her throne.

In a new era when body positivity became mainstream, these glorious images gradually became outdated and one-sided. Unfortunately, this company is out of the game and refuses to adapt to the modern market.

Is it all the fault of the wrong branding strategy? The answer is NO. Scroll below to find out why you should never buy Victoria's Secret bras. It is a significant setback for those who used to stay at the top.

Victoria’s Secret In Modern Market

Since its founding in 1977, the lingerie industry has witnessed the rapid rise of Victoria's Secret. However, the glamourous heyday of this realm has turned into a dead end.

In 2018, this brand first announced the closure of 30 stores in North America - its most vibrant market. This number has increased significantly worldwide to date.

According to Business Insider, this plan is within the company's expectations due to the widespread performance decline. Notably, the brand has changed several executives hoping to save the game.

However, some people have had to let the public down with controversial statements. Continuing the backward mindset of their predecessors, the executive board was still stuck in the shadow of the glorious past and rested on their laurels too long.

Due to its refusal to adapt to the market, this lingerie manufacturer has faced much criticism. In particular, a series of celebrities and social activists who strongly influence young consumers have expressed a negative attitude towards its branding. Worse, its top models gradually left to fight for feminism.

Why You Should Never Buy Victoria’s Secret Bras

The down in the customer trust of the once-famous brand did not stop my curiosity. I spent my time and energy shopping at several Victoria's Secret stores. Ironically, my attempt only ended in disappointment. It is not just the communication strategy's fault. Scroll down for more.

Not Diverse In Size

When I was a teenager, Victoria's Secret was the beauty standard for me and the girls around. Growing up and trying on those gorgeous clothes became one of my dreams. Unfortunately, reality knocked me down right the first moment I visited the physical store.

Looks like Victoria's Secret is trying to sell vibrant bras instead of comfortable ones. Their product portfolio includes 30-40 for bands and AA-DDD for cup ones. Sounds very rich? It is just a flash on the truth surface. Women in sizes from J to KK were left behind.

And instead of explicitly informing people of these problems, the salespeople covered them with rhetoric. They convinced me to take an inappropriate alternative. Why is this support accepted when the fitting bras play such an important role in a woman's life?

Wrong Size

After a while, I returned to Victoria's Secret once again with fond hope. Awfully, the previous problem remained unchanged (no progress), and I also discovered another problem - the size measurement was inaccurate.

The salespeople came with pink tapes and kindly helped me find the right product. I am grateful for that, but it is not very useful at all.

As a tailor, I have noticed that their manipulation has increased the garment by about two inches. It leads to a false suggestion of size. It is still a matter of bras that do not fit in the end. Why would a giant in the lingerie industry make this mistake?

Several complaints on the Internet have shown that I am not the only sufferer of this unprofessional support. The company has turned a blind eye to constructive feedback from customers. Now it is time for them to pay the price.

Poor Quality

Regardless of the size mistakes, I went home with a Victoria's Secret bra. However, my hopes were completely dashed after just a month of shopping. Even if I do not wear this outfit too much (since it is not comfortable for everyday use), it loses its original shape. Yes, my bra stretched and no longer fit my body.

I know clothes may reduce in quality over time. However, isn't that too fast for a top brand? Instead, I have found other manufacturers that strike a balance between comfort and durability.

High Price Range

For all the frustrations above, my investment was completely not worth it. The worst part is that Victoria's Secret products cost much more than the market average. I am willing to have a large budget for an outstanding choice but say goodbye to this predecessor.

According to a Wells Fargo survey, 58% of interviewees shared the same opinion. The women expected that they got what they paid for. It is a devastating reality for the loyal fans of this brand.

Fail To Catch Up On Market Trend

In the end, my act of giving up comes from a personal point of view. As I got older, the branding strategies of Victoria’s Secret went against the perfect definition of feminism in my mind.

Where the comfort and confidence of the ladies take the lead, its icons become overly sexy. Their sales actions also show a lack of respect for oversized women.

I do not deny that underwear is a supportive bait to attract men. However, it has not been the outdated message this manufacturer engaged in since the late 2000s. Instead of focusing on insights from women who are also end-users, Victoria’s Secret just does a good job of fulfilling the fantasies of the opposite gender.

Victoria’s Secret Bras Is No Longer A Woman's Dream

Several external factors have reduced Victoria's Secret's attractiveness, such as the market, shopping trends, competition, etc.

The Appearance Of Equal Opponents

Angels once held a unique position in the lingerie market. However, a few newcomers have seized the market share in recent years. Notably, the emerging manufacturers have applied the right business strategies that lead them to success.

They focus on customer experience and making bra shopping a pleasure. For example, some offer fun measuring tips so women can find the right option for themselves before heading to the store.

The Conversion Of Shopping Channels

In today's busy society, young women prefer online stores or e-commerce platforms. Unfortunately, this shift runs counter to Victoria's Secret's previous efforts.

Since its inception, this manufacturer has placed all of its assets in physical stores on busy streets or shopping malls. Without a doubt, this concept has become outdated. Clearly, sales in stores have decreased significantly, even during the holidays.

The Change Of Customer Demands

An emerging trend is gradually stealing the hearts of women - body positivity. In simple terms, they want to appreciate true beauty and personal style. This new generation spurred dramatic shifts in the fashion market.

First, it gives the spotlight to sports bras. According to research by NPD Group, spending on this type already accounts for a third of spending on bras. Women are increasingly falling for athleisure, even when they do not exercise.

Why? From my point of view, comfort calls the shot. It boosts confidence in everyday activities and eliminates unnecessary definitions of attractiveness.

Following this background, the women claimed that the marketing of Victoria's Secret was too erotic. As a supporter of this view, I believe its models are being pushed to achieve unrealistic bodies.

There are some decisive differences compared to most of my favorite brands in the market coverage. In detail, the opponents offer various options for women of all shapes and sizes. The marketing strategy follows this positive trend through causal models and non-photoshopped images. Needless to say, all these things are great respect for consumers.

Additionally, their annual shows no longer convey the right messages. Fancy bras encrusted with gems are just a form of external ostentatiousness. Instead, modern consumers pay more attention to materials and functions than ever before.

Last but not least, the elevated status of women gave them equal rights and strong spiritual strength. Hence, they want a connection, not an instruction from any brand. In other words, they buy if the company trusts their decisions. Unfortunately, that is what Victoria's Secret tries to deny.


Competition, trends, and customer insights have greatly influenced Victoria's Secret's leading position. However, the drop in quality, buyer support, and other debatable problems that come from the brand itself is worth mentioning.

This article has just shown why you should never buy Victoria's Secret bras. It may be my subjective opinion but based on my bad experience. Plus, you can find countless other complaints on the Internet with ease. All point to the same result: the demise of an empire.

Adapt or perish? The lingerie manufacturer is facing a decisive choice. I hope it can soon realize the current wrong strategy and make a spectacular comeback.

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