Why You Should Never Buy A White Bra – 3 Reasons Behind

It is easy to ignore the importance of colors when you are shopping for lingeries. We only care about the size and the material to ensure that it fits our body perfectly and has a comfortable feeling.

However, have you ever thought that buying a white bra is a big problem? Without a shade of doubt, a white brasserie is classic and minimalist, which can go with every item you have. Yet do you wonder why you should never buy a white bra? Why is this favorite bra color for millions of women unfavorable? Keep reading to explore three main reasons.

Reasons Why You Should Never Buy A White Bra

White Bras Are Hard To Keep Clean

Keeping white clothing items clean is always an uphill struggle. That’s the case with white bras.

If you are wearing a white or even light-colored lingerie, it is easy to notice that it turns out to be dirty, dingy, and gross after a short time. And after a while using it, the white hue will mysterically turn yellow and lose its shine, no matter how carefully you maintain and wash it.

You will receive the same results no matter how often you wash it. Washing bras too often can make the items wear out more quickly. How about bleaching? It sounds like an instant solution, but this method will ruin your bra’s material and form.

The white color will surely make you miserable if you are often sweaty or don’t have time for hand washing.

White Bras Cannot Go With Black Underneath And Light Colored Clothing

This is the biggest problem you will have with a white bra. This piece of clothing is awful when you try to mix and match it underneath the black and other light-colored clothing items.

Don’t rush to the conclusion that a light-colored shirt will need a white bra. I could say it would be the worst thing you can do! This combination manifests every private thing! That means others can see every inch underneath the white shirt.

Wearing this item underneath something dark or black clothing also causes you trouble. When the white penetrates the dark, it enables surrounding people to see what’s underneath.

The dark color can sometimes stain your white bra, resulting in forever blue, red, black, or purple. Under the lights or flashing cameras, it leaves a free peep show and makes you feel embarrassed.

It Is Harder To Find A White Bra

Many years ago, women rushed to find a fit white bra. Yet, that’s not the case nowadays. Most bra manufacturers have halted making those white items. This is due to the lingerie industry and fashion.

White is no longer considered a basic color. Instead, it is a fashion one. Most people find it hard to take care of and require higher maintenance. Thus, only a handful of companies produce it in white.

What Colors To Choose Instead Of White?

Nude Color
 You now have enough reasons why you should never wear a white bra. So what can you choose instead of this one? Let’s switch your attention to the nude, beige, and skin colors! You will never regret going for these shades.

Nude colors are the go–to choices for bras - Image Source: Flickr

Nude is undoubtedly the most versatile color. There is no need to worry about others seeing through your shirt. This color allows you to wear it underneath dark-colored and light-colored clothing.

For some, nude color is boring. Yet, it can work with most skin tones. Nude bras are classic, elegant, and easy to pair with any piece of clothing like blouses and dresses.

A perfect nude color bra should stay close to your skin shade and tone. If you are fair-skinned, don’t go for a dark nude. On the other hand, darker skin should never go with a light beige color.


Black is also a great option, matching underneath black and other dark-colored clothing. Suppose you wear a black shirt with some bright lights on you or get direct sunlight, the nude color peers through it. Nude is far better than white, but black will do wonders in this case.

For this reason, black is always a must-have item in every wardrobe. While nude colors work for all clothes, black ones are perfect for dark tops and clothes like dark brown and navy blue.

Printed Bra

Let's go for printed bras if you want a sexy, fun, flirty, feminine, or girly look. Although they are not always practical with light-colored clothing, they will serve you best underneath patterned, chunkier, or dark tops.

Printed bras like flowers will bring a new life to your wardrobe and brighten your day! It will be perfect daily lingerie.

Red Bra

Red bras are the candidates for a sexy look - Image Source: Pxhere

The red hue may sound ridiculous but don’t underestimate this hot color. Red is one of the excellent colors for white shirts. Blending with bronzes, pinks, and reddish shades is a great idea to make your skin outstanding.

There would be less contrast under your clothes and little chance of being exposed outside. When combined with white shirts, red bras will serve the best.

How To Choose A Suitable Bra Color

There are various formulas for finding the fittest and most comfortable bras. Yet, don’t compromise the appealing and sleek look. Here are some tips for choosing a suitable bra color to make your daily outfit perfect and elegant:

Eye Color

Considering eye color is not necessary, but it still serves some purposes. You can get a wide range of options if you have brown eyes. Blues, browns, greens, and earth tones are just a few.

For brown eyes, browns, purples, and darker-colored bras will be a great choice. Choose the ones that make your eyes stand out.

Skin Color

Skin color is an essential factor when choosing a suitable bra color. Girls with a mid-range skin tone can go for stronger colors. A fair complexion works well with powder colors and pastels.

Should you have a darker skin tone, pair your outfits with patterned or light-colored bras. This great contrast will glorify your skin and make it shine.

Hair Color

Your hair color will affect your fashion style and your clothes. If you have blonde hair, pastel colors like blues, greens, and purples will be worth your try. These colors will not overpower your hair’s light nature. 

Brunette hair color goes best with colorful printed bras, earth tones, and strong colors. Try the ones which can bring out your hair.


Long story short, it is true that white bras are minimalist and have become favorite items among various women. Yet, there are many reasons why you should never buy a white bra. Not to mention its hard-to-clean nature, its popularity has witnessed a drastic drop.

You can choose alternatives like nude or black to fit your outfits and avoid embarrassing moments.

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