Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Vinegar Under My Breasts?

Why does my sweat smell like vinegar under my breasts? When it comes to women with big breasts, they will sweat a lot compared to others. This symptom is just normal and healthy. It explains that sweat helps the body evaporate, transferring heat from the body to water in sweat on the skin.

This function will keep your body cool and moist enough to avoid infection.

That said, bacteria will also combine with the sweats on the skin and cause a smell, and sometimes it smells like vinegar. The reasons behind your sour odor lie in the following. Read on to discover.

Why Does My Sweat Smell Like Vinegar Under My Breasts?

Your Diet Includes Excessive Sugar

The vinegar odor can result from high sugar in your diet and form a walloping case of perspiration. It also means the sugar breaks down in your bloodstream. This process can cause it to appear as an ugly shapeshifter, transferring acidic compounds into a vinegar tang when sweating.

Vinegar smell is also a symptom of diabetes that you should be aware of. You should consult your doctor to make any change in your diet. Eventually, the goal is to prevent sugar breakdown in your body and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You Sweat a Lot

Sweats themselves can have a vinegar-like stink and not just in the area around your underboob. When sweating, it is usual to have a stinking scent. It would be best if you bathed more often and even used deodorant to eliminate this annoying odor.

It's likely to happen in summer when the weather is so hot that you sweat more. And especially, it causes the vinegar-like smell under your breasts that you didn't expect before.

It Could Be an Infection or a Common Bacterial Extension

Two different glands are responsible for unattractive smelly fluid production when sweating.

It is eccrine glands that go through your entire body. It functions to control your body temperature, and this gland has nothing to blame for the unpleasant smell. Sweating from eccrine glands leaves little or even zero aromas.

In contrast, the apocrine glands come in a different color and appear in your ears, genitals, armpits, and of course, your breasts. When this gland is found in your ears, its job is to form ear wax. And it also supports producing breast milk under your boob. The work is partially generating protein for your body.

You will noticeably spot a vinegar odor under your breast in the mixture of protein apocrine glands and the salt from eccrine glands. This will not count unless you eat a lot of fish and chips.

The important thing is you should take care of your body to be dry so it will not cause bacterial growth. It will seriously lead to rashes, and you will be prescribed antifungals. Breast smell can be pretty hard to cure, but remedies can also help.

How to prevent  Sweat Smell Like Vinegar Under Breasts

Change Your Bras Daily

We all tend to wear the same bra for a couple of days in a row without changing it. It may end up with an “aroma” that you don't think of.

To minimize the risk of getting the smell worse, you should try to wash and change it daily, especially when it is extremely hot. This will help circulate the air and keep the breast dry and clean.

Apply Regular Deodorant

Using a deodorant will not reduce sweating. Instead, it can control odor and lessen them. An effective deodorant will contain antibacterial contents to clear out the not-so-sweet smell from bacteria rooting from sweat protein.

Some aluminum deodorants will help block pores but not sweat. The result will be a vinegar-like odor to occur under your boob, so you should use it carefully to avoid unexpected infections or diseases. Or instead, you should start to use an aluminum-free product to minimize the risks.

Manage Your Diet Better

As a diet containing high sugar levels can be a factor in causing the vinegar smell under your breasts, the need to change it is necessary. You can seek medical advice from your doctor to make any major change in your diet so that it will not harm your body suddenly.

It will manage the sugar you take in, and eventually, you will have a nice fragrance again. One plus point for changing your diet will keep your body fit and lose weight.

Try Using Cotton Bras

Cotton is a soft and breathable material to wear. It will help you feel pampered and fresh all day long.

It has a rope-like construction, soaking up your sweats and keeping you cool in hot weather. Your skin will be moisturized and stop being sticky and say goodbye to some unattractive odor.

Keep Hygiene On Top of Your Clean Routine

The best way to decrease the smelly odor is to maintain your hygiene. Keeping your body always clean and fresh is the top priority in the summertime.

Use soap and warm water to completely eliminate gunk rooting in your pores. It is also ideal for peeling the skin around your breasts so you can have non-smelling boobs.

Remember to wash your body and clothes to be fresh on all summer days.

Apply Powder, Baby Wipes, and Cornstarch

It is essential to use powder, baby wipes, or cornstarch to protect your body from forming chafing and rashes, such as intertrigo. This type of rash normally grows under the breast area, eventually leading to fungal and bacterial development, thus stimulating the smelly aroma.

Also, use some baby wipes to freshen up your skin and block the sweat.

If Everything Doesn't Work Out, Consider Botox

Botox will be a way to control your sweat glands, which means reducing the aroma levels.

It can enrich the odorous substances, making them restore the balance of gland secretions and bring back the natural smell to your body.


Why does my sweat smell like vinegar under my breasts? Now you know the culprits behind it. Consider all the way throughout our guide. Let's see which way can help you when you kiss goodbye to the ugly smell.

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