What Is The Average Breast Size In Us? – A Detailed Answer

Psychological and physiological changes in puberty always confuse us, whether boys or girls. Especially girls, most of them get obsessed with their boob sizes through their adolescent years.

What Is The Average Breast Size In Us?

The average breast size of US women has changed over time. In detail, nowadays, it is 36C. The following part will show you more details about the breast sizes by different ages.

Burgeoning Breasts

When the puberty period is through, the girls' melons are likely to stop developing. According to many studies, the majority of girls have reached puberty by the age of 14.

As a result, when they are 15, they are likely to have progressed from wearing the training bra phase to actual bras that provide extra support! Although it takes time to get used to these bras, it is worth trying to have beautiful breasts in the future.

Yet, some girls are still in their puberty at 15. It means their melons continue to grow.

In detail, from the surveys, the average breast size for women in America is 36C for a 15-year-old girl. As mentioned before, this does not imply that all 15-year-old females will wear a 36C bra. Some women may still need to wear an A or B bra size since they are still growing.

Fully Formed Femininity

For 16- to 17- year-old girls, their melon sizes are not much different. This size is almost identical to an American woman's average one.

The reports show that the average size of US women's breasts was about 34B before the mid-1990s. Yet, now it has increased to 36C. This change cannot be explained in a few words. It might be because some bra manufacturers have changed and inflated the sizes.

For this reason, some girls cannot choose the suitable sizes when they change the bra brand or buy a bra for the first time.

Importance Of Training Bras

A training bra is a light brassiere for girls in Tanner stages II and III. It is designed to be used throughout adolescence when the breasts are still too small to fit into a standard-sized bra.

When girls are in puberty, their breasts will start to develop. Thus, they might start using training bras. Although wearing it will cause some discomfort, this bra type can help the girl prepare for the next stage of her life.

Medical specialists advise young girls to use training bras to keep their breast tissue from drooping and provide support. In addition, it helps them to be more confident in daily activities.

The bras are crucial in assisting your adolescent daughter in acclimating to the over-the-shoulder breast she will wear.

Average Bra Size By Age

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Because of the many phases of puberty that a girl may be in, the typical bra size for a girl at 12 can considerably vary. Girls who have puberty sooner can switch from training bras to those that provide more support.

In general, girls at 12 are still in the early stages of breast growth. As a result, they are more likely to wear bralettes and bras with the smallest cups, such as A, AA, etc. These bras are usually made to hide the nipples rather than provide support.

Puberty often occurs when girls are from 11 to 24. Many factors (inside or outside reasons) can affect the time of the puberty period. Moreover, depending on the physique and daily routine, bust measurements can also be significantly different for girls of this age.

Thus, it is challenging to know the average bra size of those 13 or 14 years old.

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Bonus Tips: How To Choose A Right Bra

Bras that fit correctly will help women be more confident, avoid early breast sagging, eliminate deep wrinkles and bulges across the chest, and prevent future problems. Unfortunately, according to studies, many women wear the wrong bra sizes, which can cause various issues.

If your bra is smaller than your melon size, it will scrape into your breasts. Yet, when it is too loose, your breasts will have too much room and bounce about, causing soreness.

Finally, should you have asymmetry or other irregularities in your breasts, you may feel that every bra is the incorrect size.

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So, how to choose a well-fitting bra size? To estimate your total breast size, you'll need three different measures, including:

Bust (the width of your breasts): Wrap the measuring tape over the back and measure the largest part of your breasts, which is generally the nipple.

Band (the torso's length): Use a gentle tape measure around the ribs, just beneath the breast part. The band of your bra will wrap around the torso here. Tighten up the tape. Write this number down.

Cup (breast volume): this number is calculated by subtracting the band number from the bust one. This difference is the way to determine the cup size:

  • 1-inch difference: A
  • 2-inch difference: B
  • 3-inch difference: C
  • 4-inch difference: D
  • 5-inch difference: DD

One another thing to remember is to check again to make sure the excellent fit of the bras you choose:

  • The cup needs to cover the whole breast, with no bulge forming above the cup or no space inside.
  • The straps need to be adjusted to a proper length.
  • The band should not be so tight, which will cut into your torso.


After this article, you might be satisfied with the detailed answer to what is the average breast size in US. However, breast sizes depend on many factors, such as physical and daily living habits. If you don’t have the desired size, you can improve it with some exercise.

Finally, do not be embarrassed and love your body!

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