How To Wear A Tube Top? Which Types Of Bra Should You Choose?

Fashion is regularly changing with the popularity of tube tops and strapless tops. To follow this trend, you have to choose a suitable bra to come with. With so many bra options available, narrowing down what style works best for your unique figure can be difficult.

Finding a bra that fits your bust is complicated because different bodies are shaped. In this guide, we'll focus on how to wear a tube top and find the right bra for this kind of outfit.

What Is A Tube Bra?

A tube bra, also known as a bandeau bra, is definitely what one should pick when wearing tube tops. These strapless straps have a thick band on top and at the bottom to hold the bust more reliably and provide you with more support.

These bras are popularly called bandeaus because they resemble strapless ones but do not have any hook or fastening options. A tube bra is a slip-on piece that is easy to wear and usually goes with some detachable foam inserts.

Which Types Of Bra Should You Choose For A Tube Top?

Strapless Bra

However, those with a larger bust can find it hard to wear strapless bras. You need to find the right size so that the tube bra can fit well with your bust and not cause any discomfort when you wear it. You also do not need to worry because most of these bras have some silicone straps inside, so you can do anything without being afraid of sliding down.

A Bra with Clear Straps

Although you might be uncertain about the right bra to wear when you want to wear a tube top, it's worth going for one with straps that are transparent to provide yourself with additional support. Choosing a bra to wear with a tube top is very important because it can influence your whole outfit. A bra with clear straps is an ideal choice that you can try. It is invisible and easy to adjust to fit with your bust. You should remember that if a strapless bra does not suit you and works better under other articles of clothing, these bras with clear straps are worth consideration.

Strapless Bralette

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Strapless bralettes, which look like the traditional bras of many younger sisters, are ideal for all women due to providing a good option for an outerwear garment. They provide lift, coverage, and support. They offer a minimum of underwire and come in various designs and fabrics such as cotton and lace. Most women think bralettes only come in some sizes, but they are wrong. Bralettes carry sizes from A up to G and fall in between sizes. You can choose the suitable one that fits your bust, and there are a variety of designs and colours for you to pick from.

Pros and Cons of Tube Bras


  • A tube bra does not cover the shoulders, so it is best worn with off-shoulder, strapless, tube tops, and dresses. These bras give you much-needed support and flexibility when wearing body-hugging outfits that don't reveal any ugly bra straps. Bra bandeau supports bra cups without straps that come with insertion pockets to add extra padding on top of a little padding if needed. The no-bra strap is more flexible to wear under body-hugging outfits.
  • A tube bra is a better option than the traditional ones because they enable women to wear scoop neck tops without showing any bra seams. Furthermore, it is a great solution to cover exposed cleavage under deep necklines (such as those used in backless dresses). This is another use of wearing a tube bra.
  • Lacy tube bras are stylish with their delicate lace detailing and scalloped trim. If your objective is to avoid unwanted attention on the back of your ensemble, a backless dress may seem like the logical choice. However, beneath a backless outfit lurks what many consider an uncomfortable affair—your bra! An unseemly strap peeking out from beneath the shoulder can be unflattering. You wouldn't want that to mar your look now, would you? You should use a tube bra, which gives you a better appearance.


Despite some benefits of wearing a tube bra, it cannot be suitable for those who have a bigger breast size. Unlike other traditional bras, tube bras do not come with the clasp at the back so that women can find it hard to feel comfortable when they wear them.

Tube bras can slip down if women move a lot or do anything.

Tube bras might be humiliating if your workout involves a lot of sprinting, pushing up, moving hands, or dancing. It can be complex to fasten your bra many times while doing exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Wear A Tube Top Properly?

Tube bras are made from a flexible strip of fabric and feature no hook-and-eye closures, straps, or other guidelines that help fit them to the wearer. This lack of constriction makes it easy to wear, as well as the fact that it highlights a slip-on style. It comes in handy for tricky outfits - think dresses with low necks or even tops with cleavage! If you like the look of the tube bra, you might also want to try pairing it with denim dungarees.

Are Tube Bras Uncomfortable?

A typical tube bra arguably remains the most popular fashion option. Other options like a padded, non-wired bra or contour cup non-padded are proven favourites for many smaller-stature women. This is because of the natural lift. A petite woman does not need additional support from an underwire bra or uncomfortable padding unnecessarily added to her chest.


We hope you know how to wear a tube top and choose the right bra for your outfit. There are a variety of designs and forms of bras for you to pick from. However, you need to consider your breast size and what kind of clothes you want to wear. If you follow this instruction, you will have a better look in front of many people.

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