Tips to Buying Your Daughter’s First Bra – For First-Time Moms

It's going to be that day your daughter starts to become a woman. Surely you are proud, excited, but also worried at the same time. You will see her in the first bra you pick for her, witnessing how embarrassing, and confusing her reaction is. It's so fun and thrilling.

But some of you might be afraid of your lack of knowledge about different brands and how to ensure the lingerie fits them the best!

Fear not! We are here to support your wonderful mother's journey with daughters and help you leave an astonishing impression on your children. We will spread our superior tips to buying your daughter's first bra for you!   

Five Tips to Buying Your Daughter's First Bra

Have An Open Conversation About Body Changes And Puberty With Your Daughter

Before taking your first shot about going out to buy her bras, you should talk to her about puberty and how the body will undergo some changes, such as her boobs will grow bigger.

And soon, they will encounter and start their period at any time. To make it less shocking, you'd better tell them about all that stuff. And at a certain age, you will take them out to buy them their very first bra. Don’t forget to instruct your girl that bra fitting can make or break her breasts in the future, not to mention the discomfort of ill-fitting underwear.

Puberty knowledge is important to teenagers, especially girls. It contributes to forming their character and how they open up and evaluate their body. Some who don't know anything about body changes will be insecure about their body all the time. And gradually, they start to be shy among their friends.

Most teens are embarrassed talking about that stuff if they are not initially taught. Many chances, they will go on the internet and search for untrustable sources, leading to misleading or even harmful knowledge.

Another way they will tend to do this is by asking their friends. Let a teen educate another teen about her body? It doesn't seem like the right route for teens. It's even worse when they decide to discover puberty together! You know how terrible it is!

When you talk to your children about body changes, it's surely an awkward and shy scenario. But this is a huge responsibility you need to handle well.

Things You Should Tell

First, let them absorb all the information. Their body will not be the same anymore when they grow older. When they take it all in, you tell them they will have a shopping day.

Yet, they can try a different way if they don't seem comfortable with it. Some things about buying bras that prevent them from freaking out when they are at the shop:

  • There will be some body measurements, and there's a staff that measures your boob areas with a measuring tape.
  • They will have to try on different bras to choose the well-fitted one.
  • They will not be naked so that you don't have to show your body in front of the bra fitter.

You also educate your daughter that their breasts will transform during their lifetime. It depends on your weight change, nursing and pregnancy, and so on. So they have to anticipate buying different sizes every time, and for a typical woman, it's an average of ten times.

Starting a conversation about that will make your shopping day more enjoyable and acceptable for your daughter. It will be more of a bonding and unforgettable experience for both of you.

Consider When Is The Right Time for Buying The Very First Bra

When you notice that her blouses are standing out from breast areas, you should approach the issue at once. Or else your girl will suffer unpleasant attention from classmates.

With late bloomers, you have to be more subtle to realize that your children feel left out and you don't grow anything compared to their peers. They will start to think that they don't keep up with their friends and form an unconfident body image of themselves. For these girls, it's the right time to buy appropriate bras so they don't feel less about their bodies.

Be More Understandable and Sensitive to Her Feelings

Do you anticipate a situation where your girls are not acceptable and willing to go bra shopping and change their bodies? It's a big deal now. The only way is for you to be sensitive and caring about her thoughts and insecurity.

You will be more dedicated and reassured to hear that it's not going to be horrible as it sounds. And there's nothing to be afraid of or shy about, and it's a stage for every woman to grow up and be beautiful!

Feel the same way she feels about breasts, don't tease her about her opinion of boobs being small or bigger compared to friends. It's common that she notices and is insecure about what she has and doesn't have.

Sometimes, her breasts develop and start to poke through the shirt, yet she refuses to wear bras. Instead of wearing it, she's always wearing a jacket to cover it. It's not healthy, and maybe it leads to hygiene problems. You can recommend she wear a shelf or bralettes first. Let her feel familiar and comfortable with them before moving to bras.

Consult a Professional Bra Fitter

At the beginning of choosing the first one, make sure you start the process in the right direction. Don't need to complicate the situation. Address it to your knowledge. Try to examine how bras should be considered to be fit. 

You can get useful information regarding how bras should and shouldn't fit - and then it shows the difference between a well-fitted and a bad one.

Besides, you can turn to the bra sizing calculator, which will explain all the numbers, letter identification, and size so that you can find a proper size for your girl or yourself.

Applying yourself with that knowledge will make you more confident in the dressing room, teaching your daughter the basics to choose.

Yet, our advice here is to get a seasoned bra fitter to help for the best. Maybe you are all thorough about bras, but that is a specialist who majors in breasts and bras the most. Their work is helping us to choose good fitting bras for our best comfort, and they are really enthusiastic and knowledgeable to help.

If you don't notice, the bra industry evolves all the time, and you will likely miss a lot of trending information and products after finding a perfect one for yourself.

So, taking a shot to go for a fitting professional is a wise choice to get reliable information, proper education, and wear a good one from day one. If you can't afford a bra fitter, you can still have an online consultation to seize all the things you need about bras.

Common Types of Bras For Teens

Before choosing bras for your beloved daughter, we highly recommend you ask about her favorite type first. This can make it easy for you so that you don't need to try so hard, wasting time picking for her on your own and might, in the end, not like it at all.

Let's try something based on both of your preferences. Likely, the type she wants to wear at that time is inappropriate, so you should gently guide her with other options that might be fitter and better.

Here are four typical types of teen girls that you should take into consideration. They'll be listed from the more constructed to supported types.

Shelf Bras or Camisole

These bras will be a good purchase if you find a bra for the first bloomers. This type will help her be customized to have something wrapped around the chest area. However, they are not good at coverage yet surely cozy for your breast areas.

This type is lightweight and doesn't have much support, so they will bring her the sense of wearing nothing undershirt, which highlights these. Here are some products for the camisole and shelf bras on Amazon.

Sports Bras

When your girl participates in extracurricular activities, plays sports very often, or is active, these bras can be a good companion. Compared to the camisole type, this is way more supportive, depending on how snug they are. 

Its shape will be flattened to dwindle breast bouncing. As it is too supportive (or squeezing), it's not an everyday-wear item for girls. They will bring an overwhelming compression against her chest if she wears it for long. And the straps are too narrow that they will be visible through the top of clothes, which definitely affects your girl’s whole outfit badly.

Some Sports Bras examples for you:


A bralette is a different version of a bra that looks exactly the same and has molded cups. You can tell the difference is that bralette is wireless, so they are not so supportive yet still at medium level. Also, they don't have the size in 30A or 32B.

As the bralette still has a great volume of comfort band, it also offers enough coverage and shape. The advantage of bralettes is its hook and eye in the back so your girl can adjust it to fit when it starts to stretch out.

Some suggestions you can choose from:


Bras come in wireless and underwire types. Wireless bras are certainly more pleasant, but when your daughter’s breasts are large such as a C cup or above, you'd better go for an underwire.

A bra is various in sizes, which also comes in a 32A or a 36D, and a camisole/shelf bra and bralette don't have such.

For the first bra, we highly recommend you buy a wireless one. It will be comfy and provide more support and shape. But, if your daughter wants to wear an underwire, it's important to make it fit properly, and in this case, you should have advice from a bra fitting professional.

Wrong wired bra size can make her breasts damaged or itchy, and she will try to adjust it all the time. You may get an incorrect one with a band and cups too big and small for her boobs. It's hard to measure those things if she doesn't get used to them, or she has to use them for a long time, and she can figure it out herself.

Some suggestions you can choose from:

Stick to Light Colors

Many teens nowadays want to express themselves and prefer colorful exotic pieces of color, but they will not be suitable and needed for a bra. The essential and ideal colors for teens when they mostly wear uniforms to school are white and nudes. Those colors can blend well with their shirts.

If she wants something fancier, don't turn it down because there are some occasions she might need to dress up, such as parties or proms. You can buy her some palette colors and funky prints to help prepare for many different outfits and situations.


We would like to accompany you on a shopping day with your daughter. Some mothers don't think this is such a big deal, but surely they are. Wearing the first bra is the very first mark of their growing stage. So here we provide you tips to buying your daughter's first bra to help you nail that!

With your love, understanding, and support, she will bloom more beautifully and confidently with her body during puberty.

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