The Best Tips On Wearing LDS Garments Tops With Your Bra

Members of Latter-Day Saints (or LDS) must follow strict rules to show their devotion and loyalty to Heavenly Father. Even their daily garments are pretty restrictive, which might cause physical discomfort and chest constraint - particularly for women.

So what are tips on wearing LDS garments tops with your bra? Check them out!

Popular Misconceptions About LDS Bra-Related Rules

Some popular misconceptions - Source: Wikipedia.

From our observations, it seems women have different notions regarding appropriate clothes - since they do not share the same upbringing backgrounds.

Most ladies acquire tips for proper dresses by observing their mothers, grandmothers, or other female relatives. Then, such knowledge is handed down from one generation to the next, meaning what they have learned might be deceptive or out-of-date.

Let's speak about the most common misunderstanding. It seems there has been a widespread assumption that only white bras are acceptable, and it is a must to don clothing against your skin with a bra on top.

How ridiculous! We are here to inform you that none of such absurd notions are true.

What History Told Us

Section 21.1.42 from the Church Handbook has stated: "The Holy Spirit should guide the members who have made commitments in the temple to tackle their own questions about what garment is suitable."

See? The manuals never showcase any requirements that the bra must be white or worn above your clothing. As per one of our readers, whose great-grandfather used to be the president of the Portland Temple, such regulations existed 30 years ago, but they have been removed for decades.

These changes are due to a worldwide recognition of women's difficulties, mostly stemming from their mastectomy prosthesis, health issues, large or small breasts, and the time required to prepare for each clothing set.

The only regret is that there have been no official or public announcements for those alterations. If only every Bishop from each district had stepped up on the podium to say loud and clear: "Guess what, ladies? You may wear your bra beneath your clothes!" Can you imagine that? It would be awe-inspiring!

Unfortunately, as established, some regions fail to notify their church-goers about the updates. Certain women are only aware of those changed rules if they work in the temple, receive an endowment, or learn from other more informed companions.

Why Is There Still Misunderstanding?

Why does obsolete information still thrive in the communities today? Two possible reasons are at play.

For one, some churches are well-aware of the changes - yet conceal the information on purpose to keep things "sacred" and "traditional".

Secondly, the instructors themselves are not updated (as they also received wrong guidelines from their own seniors). There is no one around to correct them, which only strengthens the misconceptions.

What Is The Actual Rule Then? 

The actual rule here is No Rule. Do not get fixated on any specific instruction; whether you draft your bra over or beneath your clothes is a matter of personal taste.

Regardless of your preference, it does not make you less respected as a covenant-keeping woman. Only our Heavenly Father grasps the internal motive of our souls, after all. Thus, your clothing decision should be a personal matter between you and him; no one has the right to interfere!

Should I Wear Bras Under or On Top of My Clothing? Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Options

Advantages and disadvantages of both options - Source: Wikipedia.

Though we respect your unique preferences, let's hear the experts' verdicts on these matters.

1. Bras Under Tops

Most professionals concur that bras are never intended to draft over anything; they work best with direct skin contact! Otherwise, fixation problems will ensue, causing the straps to shift, slip, and slide.

Worse, your breasts will suffer from intense constriction, held back from filling out the bras to their maximum potential. Achieving a sexy and attention-grabbing cleavage will be impossible.

Some might argue, "but we LDS women are not supposed to wear bras for seductive purposes!" Where are these people from, the 19th century? Just kidding.

What we want to say here is that things are much more open nowadays; do not refrain from showing off your wilder side just because you are dedicated to God. You can look stunning while still keeping your faith in the Heavenly Father; multi-tasking does exist!

And also, who does not want to feel loved and wanted? God will actually be pleased that his members have always strived to become a better and more confident version of themselves.

Still, that does not mean this style does not come with any drawbacks. First of all, bras under tops equate to much more regular washing due to their persistent contact with your flesh. Secondly, depending on the color and band thickness, their markings will be visible through your shirts, which some ladies are not fond of.

2. Bras Over Tops

So overall, it is best to put your bra under the tops (instead of vice versa). Still, some ladies feel much more comfortable putting the bras over their clothes, unfamiliar with the sensation of wearing them the opposite way.

Understandable, though; it is hard to change your way of dressing once you have gotten used to it for years! So let's have a critical look at some positives and drawbacks of bras over tops.

One incredible advantage is that your body sweats and oils get soaked by the shirt rather than the bra, which protects your brassie against unwanted filth. Nevertheless, it still absorbs deodorant and dye, calling for a consistent cleaning schedule of one or two weeks.

Another competitive edge lies in its fabric feel. Since certain bras are made of thick textiles that cause skin irritation, some women appreciate the extra layer of clothing between their skins and the bras - as it gives them more comfort.

However, some drawbacks have prevented it from gaining all experts' support.

As we previously mentioned, your breasts may feel constrained, failing to achieve full cleavage. Furthermore, for excessively oversized upper cups, there is no other choice but to tuck the excess fabric into the bras. Imagine the immense discomfort one must go through!

To make matters worse, certain top fabrics (such as silk, carissa, or mesh) fail to properly grasp the bras, which leads to bothersome shifting and riding up.

Tips On Wearing LDS Garments Tops With Your Bra

Chemise tops - Source: Amazon.

Now, here comes the most-awaited issue: how to choose the best LDS garments tops for your bras. You can watch this video for more:

Ultimate Tips When Wearing LDS Garments

1. If You Prefer Bras Over Tops

For DDD or Bigger

The first step is to ensure the garment's top boasts a cup, which frees your chest from any potential confinement, especially when compared to tops with no cups (such as Chemises). Experienced women strongly recommend  Round Neck, Square Neck,  and Nursing Cotton-Poly Jersey II.

But what if you still want to lean into non-cup options? Then our match will be the Carissa II. To compensate for the lack of cups, these garments incorporate some ruching from the bosom's sides, made from elastic material to prevent your breasts from being restricted.

Also, note that some new cup sizes are available! Sarah, a daily reader of our blog, just recounted what happened during her shopping spree a few weeks ago. The lady who measured her sizing at the Distribution Center assigned her the 34B category. Her regular size is 32DD, though, so that seems like such a significant deviation.

Nevertheless, she purchased one and was surprised to find that it fits well! Thus, be careful about your measurements before investing in any of these new models.

For AA to DD

Chemise designs will be your best bet. They are easy to fill up, with no requirements for folding and tucking excess materials into the bra. Another great contender is the DriSilque II and Cotton-Poly Jersey II, whose small cup sizes are ideal for all nursing mothers.

In terms of fabrics, Cotton Poly, Carissa, 100 percent Cotton Jersey and Cotton-Poly are terrific, whose sturdy build holds the bras much more effectively, preventing them from constant shifts.

For women with lower chest sizes (and hence, do not need cups), Carinessa, Cotton Rib Knit,  Dri-Lux,100 percent Cotton Rib Knit, or new Cotton Stretch will be lovely.

Most importantly, avoid DriSilque and Nylon Mesh if you do not want to end up with an unstable shirt that rides up every second and drives you crazy.

2. If Your Prefer Bras Under Tops

Since the bras are not visible, any top alternative is fine, as long as it gives you comfort; there are no limitations!

What The Industry Offers

We are glad to inform you that the LDS garment industry, in general, has made enormous efforts to improve the design and materials -  in response to members' increasing demands.

Stretched-cotton versions, launched around 2 or 3 years back, are composed of 5% spandex and 95% cotton. Their stretch-mesh sections on the edges enable the air to circulate, giving your skin ample room to breathe.

The introduction of average and full-breast sizes for LDS garments is another welcome step up, which, we assume, is to avoid saggy boobs and skin constrictions for women with larger busts. The medium versions are already pretty comfortable, so imagine how comfortable the full-size ones are!

A minor downside, however, is that they only come in two available lengths: standard and tall, which is a pity since not all full-busted women are tall. Thus, a custom order might be necessary if your height is less than average, since it helps prevent the tops from extending below your knees.

Sleeves also undergo huge advancements, which are often cut 1.5 inches off of the armpit region. We no longer need to wear another layer for our dresses or blouses to conceal any revealed garment! Even better, such freedoms allow women more fashion choices, giving them a major glow-up.

Our Personal Picks

Still, when it comes to functionalities, we cannot deny that some particular options are better than others. For instance, you might want to avoid the Round Neck or Square Neck tops, whose bulky and dark-hue cups might seem quite odd when paired with another thin and light-colored T-shirt.

By contrast, Chemise designs lack cups, which results in a smoother layout beneath your shirt. Their logos are printed within the fabric, meaning they will not poke through your clothing! Stretch Cotton tops are undoubtedly our favorite Chemise items.

Another comparable choice is the New Nursing Garments with innovative low-cut necklines. These tops do have cups, and they come in bra sizes, resulting in a better fit with your body.

Try them on, and you will see that hardly any markings stick out! (given that the shirt does not cling too tightly onto your body).


Use OxiClean for your garment  - Source: Gold Garment.

1. How Should I Clean My LDS Garments?

Most LDS garments are spandex (with a bit of polyester microfiber). The best maintenance method is to submerge it in cold water during delicate cycles. Instead of fabric softener, you might want to use non-chlorine bleach for whitening purposes (such as Clorox 2o or OxiClean).

Avoid chlorine detergents at all costs since they will give your clothing tints of yellow. Once done, tumble dry the garments at low temperature.

2. Can These LDS Garments Cause Yeast Infections?

Yes, if they are low-quality. As per reports from Daily Mail UK, scratchy synthetic fabric, uncomfortable waistbands, and constricted cloth may lead to serious issues of yeast infections.

But why have we barely heard of such issues before? That's because most women are too ashamed to raise this matter with their male church officials.


This article has lent tips on wearing LDS garments tops with your bra. Though wearing bras under tops is still the best approach, do not force yourself if that makes you uncomfortable.

These guides cover suggestions for both bras-on-tops and bras-under-tops styles, ensuring you can get your hands on diverse alternatives!

Write to us if you still struggle. We are delighted to offer more advice!

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