The Difference Between A Cups and B Cups: How To Tell?

It is quite usual that many women can't choose a well-fitted bra as they all come in close sizes. The same band size can both be fit for breasts with an A cup and B cup, which are quite similar. Yet, each of them has different cup volumes, so you might want to know the difference between A cups and B cups.

You still be fine if you find your breasts fit well in more than just a specific size, which also depends on different brands. We will notice that a minor change in the measurements can affect the bra sizes entirely.

While the sizing is quite complicated to tell the perfect size for you, it is likely to define that an A cup is smaller than a B cup. And what is the difference between them? Read on to know!

The Difference Between A Cups and B Cups: Which One Is Smaller?

As said earlier, we assume A cups are smaller than the B ones. For example, both of them can generally fall in a bra size 75A, but in reality, you can own a sister size, including 80AAA, 80AA, 75B, or 75AA. You can choose sizes which are close together so they can fit just fine for you.

Besides, if you want to enlarge your band size to wear more comfortably but still want to maintain the cup volume, a sister size can be a good choice. Case in point, the same volumes you can choose for a comfy fit include: 32C, 36A, and 34B. Try out those all to find out which one can embrace your melons the best.

How To Determine You Are an A or B Cup

To help you identify what kind of cup you are at, here are some tips to find out:

  • Let's take a look at yourself in the mirror, and check how it looks

  • See if it looks good on you

  • Do you feel comfortable with it?

  • Do you feel the elastic fiber performing an overall firm constructor without reducing comfort?

  • Does wearing it make you feel feminine?

  • Will the bras affect the appearance of your outfit in a good or bad way?

  • It is essential to notice how your bra makes you feel. Is it pampered enough for you?

  • If you touch your bra very often, it is not the one for you.

  • Does it make you feel all day long with the insecure and uncomfortable sense?

  • Have you been losing weight or gaining weight?

  • Are your boobs bigger after breastfeeding?

If you can answer all those questions, you can totally consider whether your bras will fit. Wearing a perfect bra makes you feel confident and caresses your body. So it is quite important to choose the right bras. If you find it hard to buy one, you can seek support at the store.

In case your bra is no longer elastic and strong enough to hold your breasts, the fiber can be worn out. It could mean that your size can be correct, but you should buy a new one. To make use of bras for a long time, you can go on the internet to search for a way to hand wash bras properly.

How To Choose a Perfect Bra for Yourself

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Go To Professional Fitter

One solution that helps you to choose is consulting a professional bra fitters who might surprise you that you have been wearing the wrong size.

Though it's quite demanding to change to a different size right away, you might get used to the old one when you just wear the same specific bras for a long time.

And you also familiarize yourself with it every day as well as the way it makes you feel. Yet, it is quite necessary for such a situation to ask someone to pick bras for you.

Refer to a Bra Chart or Calculator

Women with smaller breasts call for the help of an accurate size chart. It'd be better if you check out all the sizes, even if they can be smaller compared to the one you normally go for.

Pick a bra calculator and check it out first. In many cases, it's not likely to go wrong. Measure it regularly to have accurate results before buying a new one, in case your breasts are getting bigger or smaller.

Try out as Much as Brand to Own Your Well-fitted Bras

It is also tricky that sometimes the bra sizes also depend on the different brands and models. It means you can fit in other sizes that you may not expect. Some brands will offer more sizes for the same breasts' cup, so you should try them on until you find the best one.

If you invest more time researching some brands, there's a higher chance of finding a good companion, and you can trust it in the long run. Still, you should seek out sizes that bring the ultimate comfort. An ideal one will make you sense nothing underneath your clothes.

Examples for A Cup and B Cup Products


It may be hard to pick a fitted bra when your boobs seem so small. But, knowing your breasts cup may be a key to identifying your sizes and finding a perfect one for you.

With our guide to tell the difference between A cups and B cups, you can know your breasts better. Try out our methods to measure your breasts and understand your sizes when purchasing a new model.

Choosing a well-fitted one demands research and effort, but it will be worth it. Or you can get professional advice to make it easier. Ideal bras can make you love yourself and be yourself.

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