7 Golden Tips To A Perfect Fitting Bra For All Women

You may find many tips to a perfect fitting bra on the internet. However, these tips can do no good if you don’t understand their logic. Through this article, you will.

From the band and cup size to the sister size, you will learn how each part of the bra matters in creating the perfect fit for your breasts and body.

Tips To A Perfect Fitting Bra

1. Choose The Right Bra Size

You need to choose the right size when shopping for a new bra. However, as new bras tend to tighten around our bodies, it’s hard to tell right away if it’s a good fit or not.

Fortunately, you can check the gore. The gore is in the middle, where the bra’s underwires meet. If the gore is not flat, it separates the boobs and results in a lot of cleavages. It’s a sign that your bra does not fit.

In this case, to get a perfectly fitting bra, you should pick cups one or two sizes larger or try on different sizes until you find one whose gore lays flat. Remember that if the gore isn’t flat, you’ve got the wrong size.

2. Choose The Right Cup Size

To pick the right cup size, you must check both the top and bottom cups.

If the cup is too small for your breasts, it fails to hold all your boobs. Hence, they will come out of the top cup, making it look like you have “double boobs”. Meanwhile, from the outside, others can see a line under your clothing.

The bottom cup also indicates whether the bra cup is fitting or not. When you raise your arms, if the bra slips and part of your breast comes out of the bottom cup, you are wearing the wrong size. The bottom cup should encase your boob all the time, with no exceptions. 

Provided that your boob is pushed out from the top cup or falls out of the bottom, the cup size is too small for you. Increasing the size until the bra cup completely embraces your boob is the solution.

The cups should always encase your boobs completely - Image source: Wikimedia

3. Choose The Right Band Size

The point of the band is to provide support for your breasts and spine. In fact, that’s where 95 percent of the support comes from. That said, it’s only true when the band snugs the middle to lower part of your back.

Otherwise, the higher the band hangs, the lower the breasts. It causes discomfort and bad shape for your body. A low-hanging band also causes neck and shoulder pain.

Besides, there’s a correlation between the band size and the bra straps. The wider the band, the farther apart the straps are on the back to accommodate larger women.

If your bra strap feels loose or constantly falls off, it indicates you are wearing a bra larger than your size. If you’ve got the right band size, the straps must be so tight that you cannot move them around when slipping two fingers under.

As you shop for bras, try them on. Make sure the band snugs your mid or lower back and the straps tighten on your shoulders.

4. Know Your Sister Size

The sister size is a variation of your true size. Even if different brands note the same size on their bras, you may notice the difference in how they fit your body. This is where sister sizes come in handy.

By knowing your sister sizes, you will know what size to choose when you shop at several brands rather than one. If a bra doesn’t fit in your true size, go for a sister size.

5. Round-Up The Cup Size

In contrast to many people’s expectations, it’s very common for one breast to be slightly bigger than the other. In this case, it’s best to round up the cup size, meaning choosing the size that fits your larger breasts.

As for the other breast, if the difference is significant, you can add a bra cutlet or removable pad to fill in the gap.

6. Choose The Right Bra Style And Material

If you participate in various activities, you will eventually find that a bra suitable for one activity may not fit another. Wearing the wrong bra can seriously affect your experience and productivity when you do different things.

Therefore, having several bra styles and materials for different uses makes sense.

For example, you should have sports bras for dedicated physical activities. They are comfy, reduce bounce, and don’t hinder your performance. Meanwhile, there are traditional bras perfectly fitting for almost any occasion.

Sometimes a sport bra is the perfect fit you need - Image source: Pxhere

7. Replace Your Bra When Needed

This is the last tip but a very important one. Your bars don’t last for eternity; they will wear out, lose shape, and get less comfy over time. That’s why you need to buy new bras periodically.

The fewer bras you have, the faster you need to replace them since each bra is used much more often. Also, even when you have many bras, you may wear some more regularly than others, and you need to replace them sooner.

If you can’t estimate the proper time to replace a bra, you can determine by your experience wearing it. For instance, a bra needs replacing when its band doesn’t snug tightly anymore or when the straps get loose.


The core tips to a perfect fitting bra include choosing the right band and cup size, checking the gore, and keeping other factors in mind, such as the material and style.

In addition, it’s essential to know your sister size because one bra size from different brands may deliver different experiences. Ultimately, the point is to find a bra in which you can feel completely comfortable and confident. Hopefully, this article will prove useful to you.

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