How To Tape Your Breast For Lift? A Guide For A Sexy Cleavage

Without a bra, how to tape your breast for lift? There are tricks with the boob tape that not every woman knows to have a great cleavage. This product can even work for fuller-bust women.

If you follow celebs like Christina Hendricks, you can see the differences. They have their boobs lifted without wearing a bra. And we know that you can do the same great thing, too.

Now, it is time to get started.

Why’s It Important To Learn How To Tape Your Breast? 

The dresses with a backless or deep plunge design always make you look so sexy. But you do not want the “braless” thing. That’s fine. Of course, you still can choose to wear a bra.

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However, searching for a backless bra with adequate boob support is often quite challenging. In particular, if you have the big “girls”, this task could be harder. This type of bra tends not to work for the large bust.

That said, we suggest you try several options as below.

  • Adhesive bras: These products can help lift your breasts. But they are not suitable for those who have fuller breasts.
  • U-plunge form bras: Nothing can stop you from looking sexy in a deep plunge dress with this option. That said, it cannot provide great support.
  • NuBra: If you are a lady with smaller breasts, do not miss this great bra. It is good at creating the full cleavage. But like the two types mentioned above, you should not expect too much support.

Those options are good for women who have smaller boobs and do not care much about support. However, if they do not work for you, let’s try the boob tape.

Using Tapes To Lift Your Breasts 

Instead of wearing a bra, you can choose to tape your “girls”. Unlike some bras, the tape offers great support and makes perfect cleavage even for hours. Regardless of the size of your boobs, the effectiveness of taping will always be the same.

About Boob Tapes

As the name implies, the boob tape helps women tape their breasts. It can be anything (from athletic tapes, duct tapes, to medical tapes).


  • Gaffer or medical tape

  • Cotton pads to cover the nipples

  • Olive oil used when removing the tape

For the best taping result, dry skin (not oily or sweaty) is key. Hence, you should not apply any moisturizer or lotion to your breasts before taping. The oily skin may prevent the tape from sticking to your boobs.

In the same vein, sweat does no good but only forces the tape to fall off soon after you put it on.

Also, you need to test for allergic reactions. For sensitive skin, the glue component of the tape could risk several permanent damages.

How To Tape Your Breast For Lift?

There are differences in the way of taping your breasts with backless/plunge dresses and strapless dresses.

Taping Your Boobs To Wear Backless/Plunge Dresses

For a shortcut, you can refer to this video:

Taping your big breasts to wear plunge dresses.

Using the boob tape is quite flexible since you can adjust it to match your outfit and breast contour. For instance, we suggest tweaking the tape if the dress straps are too thin. But an improper taping process cannot provide your “melons” with great cleavage.

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If you are still confused, let’s follow our guide.

Step 1

  • Use about 12 inches of medical tape.
  • Tape the “girls” from the base of the boob to your shoulder.
  • Lift the boobs a bit, and then tape them.

To get the highest cleavage level, you must ensure a suitable tape length. In other words, it must be long enough to reach the shoulders. Checking the dress will help you know how long the tape should reach.

Step 2

Repeat the first step with 2-3 tape strips, but go inwards. Besides, we suggest covering the nipple with cotton pads to prevent any injuries.

Step 3

Do the second step for the other breast.

Step 4

It is optional for you to do this step or not. With some plunge dresses, you can have the tape staying horizontally under the “girls”. You lift the “girls” a bit, push them close together, and tape them. You will see the result of a perfect push-up.

Source: Allure

Taping Your Boobs To Wear Strapless Dresses

To save time, you can take a look at this tutorial:

Tips to tape your boobs for a seamless strapless dress.

In terms of strapless dresses, you can do the nearly same taping procedure as above.

Step 1

The very first step is to lie on your back before taping. Regardless of your desired shape, you should lift the “girls” up and then push them together.

Step 2

Use a 12-inch strip of tape and do the taping procedure from side to side.

Make sure that you cover the “girls” well by taping.

Different kinds of dresses often require different taping positions. It could be lower or higher on the sides.

Step 3

Repeat the steps mentioned above with 2-3 tape strips. You should tape the new strips over the old ones. Like the previous guide, this one also requires you to cover the nipples before taping.

Removing The Tape 

The experience when you take off the tape from your boobs is never a pleasant one. Yetdo not worry too much since we know how to relieve the pain. Let’s follow our tips.

  • Showering or taking a hot bath can help to loosen the tapes that are still on your boobs. After showering or bathing, you should put off those tapes right away.

  • Apply some olive oil on your breast skin when pulling the tape. One hand pulls the tape while the other apply the oil

Final Thought

It is all about how to tape your breast for lift. With the different types of dresses you choose, the ways of taping your “melons” tend not to hit the same.

Everyone can create a perfect sexy cleavage if they do the proper taping procedure many times. For any more help, feel free to let us know.

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