How To Stuff A Bra And Make It Look Real: Ultimate Tips

It is not necessary that only puberty teenagers adopt non-surgical techniques so that their bust becomes more rounded. Women at any age can feel that urge to do so, too!

There are various reasons for such a longing. Sometimes it can be because of fashion trends; sometimes, it is simply the curiosity to look at ourselves in a different bearing.

In whichever way you launch that desire, the question here is: How to stuff a bra and make it look real just like it has been there all the time before? Read on for more helpful detail!

How To Stuff A Bra And Make It Look Real

No certain rule tells how and what you must load your boobs with. Nevertheless, before coming to any surgical interference, we recommend you to first consider non-surgical ones.

The fact that would astound you is: They're straightforward, effective, painless. And especially, you can adjust the density to whichever size you wish to, no matter if it is 32A or 38DDD.

As long as you pick the right materials to go with, hanging around confidently with your well-stuffed chest, without a doubt, will be what results afterward.

Here is a heads-up for those who are still afraid to give it a try: Even celebrities or actresses have to stuff their booties on occasion. So, there is no point in you feeling blushing as doing the same!

Getting Started

To get the party beginning, the first and foremost thing you must prepare, beyond question, is a bra! Grab one size that suits your demand. Make sure it has enough room for whatever you are about to put in. And that is all it takes to kick off a makeover for your melons!

In case you have decided to employ the double bra methods instead of the stuffing ones, you may need another alternative. Scroll down to take hold of some more valuable information.

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Pick Your Preference

As we have mentioned above, there is more than one technique for you to opt for regarding how to stuff a bra. The list includes:

  • The sock method.
  • The falsies method.
  • The tissue method.
  • The double bra method.
  • The DIY insert method.
The Sock Method

Suppose you have not yet heard us informing. Many must be no stranger to this cost-effective yet practical approach. Several even accompany it throughout their adolescence.

The material is easily accessible and worth merely no cent for affording. Plus, regardless of your age and boob sizes, you can freely customize it to a wide range of preferences. What else could make more sense than that?

Let's check out how to “grow” your bust bigger!

  • Step 1: Grab a couple of soothed socks. Pick the sizable ones if you plan to get an extended task done. Bear in mind to progress with a modest volume and size up gradually until it reaches the extent you want.
  • Step 2: Fold each pair of socks in half. The result should be roughly twice smaller than your hand or as identical as your breast's horizontal width.
  • Step 3: Tuck the socks folded in the bra cup. Choose the angle that can both hide the socks thoroughly and lift your breast naturally so it can appear to form your desirable cleavage.
  • Step 4: Double-check the socks' position to ascertain that they stay firmly below your boobs regardless of strong movements.
  • Step 5: Adjust the upshot in front of the mirror. Make sure no odd lumps can have chances to appear.


  • Boosting performance: This technique enables a wide range of adjustments at any threshold to meet your specific demands.
  • Difficulty level: The level of difficulty is moderate. However, it will take some time to make the necessary modifications.
  • Cost: It is 100% cost-free unless you don't have any socks, then it's a different story.

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The Falsies Method Or The Inserts

Another broadly-used approach to come is to utilize the falsies, so-called chicken cutlets. This method, as its name refers, triggers our chest to look just like the boneless breasts of the chicken, creating the most natural effect that attracts any eye to engage in.

The pads are usually made of plastic. Others also include foam, plastic materials, or rubber inside. You can occasionally find ones with water only as well.

How to employ such a technique is vastly effortless compared to the sock method. You do not need to fold anything. Rather, merely adopt the right band size to ensure there is a little likelihood that it will fall off, and you are good to go!

Following that, don't forget to keep inserting and modifying until it generates the smooth, beautiful curve you long for.

An ultimate tip on the side that may flabbergast you is: This insert will go best with underwire bras since they will give the pads plenty of support to set themselves fixed.


  • Boosting performance: It is easy to customize according to your requirements.
  • Difficulty level: The procedure is simple and easy to follow. Insert the pads, make the necessary adjustments, and there you go!
  • Cost: The price varies distinctively. It is possible that this insert will be the most costly on the list. Nonetheless, once purchased, you are able to wash and reuse it over and over again.

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The Tissue Method

When it comes to what you can use to increase your breast size, tissue is one of those that can work wonders. Though it is not the best available, this sort of technique will somehow be the most practical if there are none of the others accessible for you.

Touching up your bra with tissue is truly a piece of cake. You don't even need us to explain the details since perhaps you have grasped them yourself.

Just in case: all you have to get done is to fold the amount of demanded tissue into half for each piece. Loose-ball form can also be workable. Then conduct the same steps as the sock technique until everything gets acceptable to your taste.

See? How straightforward it is, indeed!

Yet, will we recommend such an approach to you ever? The answer, unfortunately, is no.

The downsides of the tissue method are pretty significant. Because these pieces of paper don't have the density to hold larger forms, they will not be effective for enhancing your melons to greater size.

Worse yet, your body sweat can easily moisten the tissue, making the inside a genuine mess when taken out.


  • Boosting Performance: Low enhancement.
  • Difficulty level: It is determined by the amount of tissue paper that needs to be stuffed.
  • Cost: The tissue and wads are a touch pricey.

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The Double Bra Method

Such a manner will depend mostly on your bra pick, so the insert layers can appear as natural as possible. That way, you should fish for ones with built-in or foam-filled padding. It is even better if you can pair a push-up bra with a strapless pair.

As such, the strapless bra would be the first layer you should have. If it functions nothing different from your regular bra, you're even closer to attaining your aim than you might have thought!

Then, insert the padded push-up bra into the suitable position. Don't neglect the comfy while making adjustments as well, since this way of complicated layering can associate with you all day long.

For further finest cleavage effects, shape the straps into an "X". Convertible and adjustable strap bras would be the best bet for this.


  • Boosting Performance: Low enhancement.
  • Difficulty level: It's a piece of cake.
  • Cost: Cost nothing but your already possessed bras.

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The DIY Insert Method

For those who are confident with your sewing, here is the stage for you to shine!

With just a few steps of benefiting from your home-available items, not only money but also the time spent on stuffing a bra later are what you can save efficiently. Wait for no more but dig in!

  • Step 1: Grab the needed materials, including a sewing kit, cotton, socks, foams, balls, or anything that is soft enough to insert inside the bra.
  • Step 2: Measure your breast on the horizon and vertical.
  • Step 3: Draw a vertical or horizontal cross from the data collected.
  • Step 4: Line an even oval shape based on the measured draw above and remove it. Repeat the technique until you have four cut-out pieces.
  • Step 5: Attach the two pieces together with the cloth inside out. Sewing should only be done all the way around the edges of the components. Repeat the process with the remaining fabric pieces.
  • Step 6: Flip the fabric over and begin stuffing your inserts.
  • Step 7: Check the number of items you're using to see whether it fits the thickness you desire.
  • Step 8: Sew everything up.


  • Boosting performance: The enhancement is limited.
  • Difficulty level: It is dependent on your sewing abilities.
  • Cost: Cost nothing but your alreadily available items.

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The Bottom Line

How to stuff a bra and make it look real is indeed an uphill struggle to get in. Nevertheless, once beholding the blossoming touch-up afterward, you will see how worthy it is to pay for all the effort above.

Also, bear in mind not to overdo things so the foolishness can’t stand a chance. Good luck to you then!

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