How To Make A Bra Strapless – Secrets To A Perfect Outfit

The truth is that there are always times when you have to dress to impress. It could be a lavish party on the rooftop of a high-rise building, an anniversary celebration, or even when there's a guy you've had your eye on for a while.

Finding yourself on those momentous occasions, you've chosen a gorgeous outfit, ready to stand out from the crowd. But the moment you realize that outfit is giving you trouble, it's too late for you to change to another outfit.

It is when you choose an off-the-shoulder top, a halter, or any kind of top that requires: No bra straps showing. And yet, you cannot find a single strapless one in your wardrobe when it's almost late for the event. How ironic!

Your cute top got you struggling, and you don’t have time to buy a strapless undergarment? Going with a sans variant is even a bigger no-no? This article offers options for how to make a bra strapless. Keep scrolling down to find out!

How To Make a Bra Strapless 

Ladies, don't panic! Gather yourselves, and here are four ways of how to make a regular bra strapless:

Convertible Straps

If you have those with straps that you can remove from their backs, this is the quickest way for an instant fix:

  • Unhook your straps from the back and put on your undergarment. They should be released and drooped down in the front.
  • Starting with your straps loosened to the maximum length. You may adjust them later.
  • Get a strap at one side and wrap it around your back towards the other side. Hook it to the hook of the other side behind the bra. 
  • At this point, you may fasten your strap, secure it so that it fits your body and doesn’t come loose.
  • Repeat the same steps with the remaining ones, and you’re done!

Upsides: This is the easiest method among regular undergarment hacks. Taking advantage of the detachable feature of the straps doesn’t change your bra’s shape forever. It’s also the quickest way, taking only a couple of minutes.

Applying this method ends up giving you stronger, sturdier bras. It provides more support since the straps are fastened and tightened to your body. It also saves you from having to pull up your wireless undergarment all the time.

Downsides: This hack requires ones with removable bands. Not all kinds of bras have this feature. Besides, it only works when you’re not wearing a backless top. If you are, or don’t have this kind, keep reading for more hacks.

Hidden Straps

If you don’t have any lingerie with convertible ones in your stash, and you don’t want to alter your bras permanently, simply hide those annoying wires:

  • Put on your bras as you normally would when wearing them with straps.
  • Claps the belt at the back a bit tighter than usual because everything will be relying on its support. Reach the tightest notch if you must to make sure it won’t move and slip.
  • Fasten the straps to the minimum length. Tuck them in the cups so that they won’t show out.
  • Use tapes or pins to prevent them from bugling or coming out.

Upsides: How convenient it is when you can turn a regular standard brassiere into a wireless one. Just put them inside to hide them away, and you won’t even have to cut them off. The best thing is, it’s just an instant strapless version and doesn’t alter your undergarment forever.

Downsides: It might be a bit uncomfortable since the band is tighter than it normally is. Also, there is quite a risk of coming apart or sliding down since a normal variant is not meant to be worn this way.

Furthermore, you’ll probably end up with a bumpy appearance if you wear a tight top or choose the wrong bra. An open-back top, again, is not suitable for this tip.

Cut Straps

Don’t mind permanently altering your lingerie? Here’s the option to go for:

  • Find a bra that fits you perfectly. You can choose an old one if you don’t want to mess up the new ones.
  • Put it on a flat surface. Clip the straps and cut them as close to the bodice as possible so that not a single piece of wire shows out.
  • Sew the area you just cut along the existing thread pattern on the bra. And there you go!

Upsides: Choosing one that has been staying in the corner of your wardrobe since forever will help you save both money and resources. Just cut those annoying wires if you don’t need them, then you can turn an old one into strapless.

Downsides: Removing the wires permanently changes your undergarment. It can’t be reverted and may damage the durability. Also, as mentioned above, some of them are not sturdy enough to go without straps.

Sewing Into Your Top

Another hack that alters your lingerie forever. It keeps the brassiere in place and won’t give you the discomfort as the previous ones:

  • Find a bra that you don’t mind altering.
  • Cut the straps and the band. You can cut directly on the cup or spare one inch away for more support.
  • Pick the top that you want to attach the bra to. Make sure to choose the right color so that it won’t be appealing.
  • Carefully sew it to your top so that it stays exactly where it should be. Sew the sides of it so that no one can see your seam.

Upsides: Sewing ensures that the undergarment isn’t going anywhere. It will bring comfort to you since it is band-free. And guess what, it is suitable for those cute little backless you’ve been craving for!

Downsides: It can be a bit challenging for some people when it comes to sewing. Moreover, attaching bras into many tops seems exhausting as it takes lots of effort.

 If your top is loose, not only open-back but also rib-showing, then you shouldn’t choose this tip. It may end up not covering your chest and leave it revealing.

Converting Sports Bra

Another strapless bra hack in case you have too many sports bras. Those with elastic bands will stay up and support your chest more than any strapless ones would.

You don’t really need that many sports bras and then throw them in any corner of your stash. Just pick one with thin straps, cut them off, and perfect the bras with a little sewing magic. It will automatically turn strap-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Keep A Strapless Bra In Place? 

Tired of slipping strap-frees? If you didn’t sew them into your clothes, use safety pins instead. Or you can secure them with the double-sided tape sticking into your clothes or your body. It will prevent your lingerie from sliding down.

Are Bra Straps Showing Okay? 

It is perfectly fine if it’s just a casual friends’ hangout or you’re chilling at home. Still, these should be out of sight in more public places or on proper occasions. It is not very polite for them to come out. 

Can I Wear Strapless Bras Every Day? 

Besides getting discomfort, wireless lingerie can ruin your bust. It can cause sagging breasts since it doesn’t provide enough support as a regular one does. Also, are you sure you can take it if you always have to keep pulling up your slipping undergarment?


It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have strapless bras for an emergency! Just lay back and find the most suitable way of how to make a bra strapless with a little effort to fit your preferences.

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