How To Identify Your Breast Shape – Ultimate Explanation

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Did you know that the bra that's best for you depends entirely on your bust shape? It is similar to wearing clothes suitable for a particular body type. In this situation, certain cups are suitable for specific bras, while others can be problematic and cause discomfort.

Knowing your bust shape will help you discover the right bra shape without spending too much time finding and trying on all kinds of bras while shopping. So, how to identify your breast shape?

In this article, I will help you identify those different types of breasts and list my top picks for each bust. Let's get started!

How To Identify Your Breast Shape?

Firstly, you should take off your shirt and your bra, then stand in front of the mirror to admire your stunning beauty. You should look at your breasts from the side and inspect their contours.

Secondly, please make a note or take a photo of yourself to remember after seeing it.

Lastly, determine your breast shape in the image by reading about the shape characteristics below. Remember, it's okay if you find out you have a mix of 2 distinct shapes!

1. Standard Breasts

The typical breast type is round, full, and has a small nipple. Since it is the most typical shape, most bra manufacturers base their design on it. Moreover, as the fatty tissue is evenly distributed in the breast, this shape is the easiest to fit various bra types. 

Therefore, you can use almost any underwire bras, demi straps, seam bras, miniature bras or tank tops, etc.

My top pick bras:

2. Swooping Breasts

This breast shape often has nipples that point upwards and a larger bottom. It usually occurs in women with reduced nipple volume due to breastfeeding, weight loss, or congenital causes.

Because of this loss of breast tissue, many bras will stick to the top of the cup. This is probably one of the most common problems. Therefore, I recommend bras with an extra cup demi for this bust.

However, care should be taken when wearing a Demi bra if you don't want your cup exposed and a clear bra line running across your breast just below your shirt.

My top pick bras:

3. Sagging Breasts

Breasts facing downwards are called saggy breasts. Age, gravity, genetics, menopause, wearing the wrong bra, and large amounts of fatty tissue are just some of the causes of sagging.

The tissues that hold your breasts will begin to stretch, tear, and lose flexibility if you don't use a bra that fits your bust. While it won't reverse the drooping, it will stop making it worse.

I recommend the soft underwire bra for sagging breasts so you can get full support and protection.

Since you can often see the cup line underneath a slim top, some women prefer seamless bras. Seamless soft cup bras are also better than seam bras at shaping and shrinking breasts.

Also, because of the specific shape of cup bras, they won't fit if your bust doesn't have that shape. It's much easier to fit and fill in a soft cup bra while your breasts sag.

My top pick bras:

4. Large Breasts

The larger the breast size, the more fatty tissue there is. This bust shape is typical of women with a size G+ bust.

Ensure your bra separates your breasts, with underwires covering the breasts on both sides. The band also needs to be snuggly fit and placed low in the back. Pay special attention to the gore or middle part of the bra.

My top pick bras:

5. Small Breasts

You have less fatty tissue if you have small breasts. Most women with small size will generally have a smaller figure. However, you'd be surprised how many chubby women also have small breasts.

The problem with fitting a small bust is that the right bra tends to feel loose and underwire at the top. I recommend 2 types for women with small breasts: padded bras and push-up bras. These two bras are far from each other.

A push-up bra with only padding at the bottom reveals more of the cleavage by pressing the breasts up and close together. Meanwhile, padded bras have extra padding that's more evenly distributed throughout the cup to give you a bigger bust look.

My top pick bras:

6. Snoopy And Tubular/Constricted Breasts

Despite their significantly different shapes, the two breast shapes, Tubular and Constricted, are quite similar. Both have a fuller bottom than the top.

As a result, most bras will usually be exposed at the top due to the loss of breast tissue volume. When looking for bras that fit, look for ones that resemble the contours of a swooping bust. The gap in the cup will be your main obstacle. I recommend a bra with straps or no full coverage bras to get around this.

My top pick bras:

7. Pigeon Breasts

When suppleness and most of the breast tissue are lost over a long period, your breasts will appear flattered and feel like a pocket of skin. The majority of women with this shape are elderly and post-menopausal.

There is a misconception that because you are flat, you don't have much bust volume and end  up with a small cup. Pigeon breasts have a surprising amount of volume, to your surprise. Make sure the underwire covers your breasts completely and doesn't spill over the bra.

Since these breasts have no visible shape, I recommend a soft underwire bra for this bust. You can choose both seam cups and seamless cups.

My top pick bras: 


How Does Shape Impact Bra Choices?

Different breast shapes require a different bra style to hide bust flaws and show off advantages.

For large melons, when the too-small cups are firmly attached to your breast tissue, they will create spillage and embarrassing lines that trick the eyes as if you have two breasts. It can cause problems for those with larger busts. To create the look of a smaller bust, they should choose bras with full coverage.

Conversely, if you wear a too-big bra for small breasts, your boobs may not fill the entire cup and have ample space to bounce around, discomforting the wearer and leading to pain.

What Factor Can Affect The Breast Shape?

The physical characteristics of your breasts can be attributed to several factors. By far, genetics has had the biggest influence. Your genes directly impact things like tissue volume, breast size, and adipose tissue density. The appearance of your breasts is also affected by factors such as:

  • Weight: A significant portion of your breast tissue and density is made up of fat.
  • Work out: If you develop the muscles underneath the breast tissue by strengthening your pectoral muscles, your breasts may become firmer or even larger.
  • Age: As you get older, your breasts naturally sag.
  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding: Your breasts may expand during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Your hormones can also change the distribution of breast fat and tissue.
What About Breast Nipple Types?

Your nipples are very special, just like your areola and breast shape. They come in many forms, colors, and sizes and partly determine your bra choice. Among the most typical nipple variations are:

  • Bumby: Some nipples have more prominent Montgomery glands, which are small lumps surrounding the areola.
  • Everted: Even without stimulation, the everted nipple is always upright and away from the areola.
  • Inverted: Unlike erect nipples that protrude outwards, nipples are inverted.
  • Flat: Flat nipples remain level with the areola, although stimulation may cause them to protrude.
  • Hairy: Hair around your nipples is quite normal, and the amount of nipple hair varies from person to person.
  • Protruding: Even without stimulation, the protruding nipple remains upright and significantly further from the normal nipple.
  • Puffy: The areola and the nipple form the elevated mounds.
  • Supernumerary: stated when you have extra nipples, which is quite normal.
  • Inverted unilaterally: When in the same breast, one nipple is inverted, and the other is everted.


How to identify your breast shape? After reading about this guide, you must have found yours from various breast shapes described above.

Breasts can vary greatly in size and shape, even within the same breast. No two people can have the same shape. Don't be self-deprecating because your breasts are unique, no matter their appearance.

I hope that going through the different cup shapes will make it easier for you to determine your ideal bras. Please leave a comment if you have anything to share or questions.

Thanks for reading this far. Have a great day, my gorgeous!

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