How to Buy Quality Bras for Cheap – Tips For Good Deals

Bra price is always a sensitive topic for brands, manufacturers, and on the other hand, buyers. They all have different valid points to make.

We always prefer high-end quality bras but don't want to sacrifice an entire day's salary simply for a bra. It is not possible.

We don't live in a world where we are willing to pay fairly or higher enough for equally made lingeries. The garment industry is always misguided with information and many sale-off events, so it's a chance for us to have clearance racks.

If you don't have abundant money to buy expensive bras at $100, it doesn't mean you have to wear a bra that is not fairly quality and well-fitted. Be ready with us for tips on how to buy quality bras for cheap.

You can expect to save up from 40% to 85% on well-made garments by telling you where and when is the best season for the highest savings. Stay tuned to get some luck with your shopping day!

How to Buy Quality Bras for Cheap

Before We Get Started

You should be clear between the two choices. Either you want a low price for a good fit or a gorgeous design.

It means that choosing a pretty one will have limits on size range for cheap expenses. If you want to hunt for a beautiful combination with various size ranges, it can't be cheap. Otherwise, the price is low with a unique appearance, and it will not come in several sizes. Everything has its price.

How to Know The Sale-off Season

The first thing you should do to chase a good deal is constantly connected to the brand merchandisers. You need to be their member customer by giving your number and email. Then they will send you letters and emails to notify you of any hot-deal events. 

Once you keep up with the sales trend, you can be capable of figuring out whether it's a good or bad one.

If you can join the reward program or have a credit card in a lingerie shop or store, you can be an exclusive member for limited promotions and events and even earn points for what you pay. This is a hot deal for us to have the next bra shopping day.

Where To Buy Quality Bras For Cheap?

Nordstrom Rack

Welcome you to our all-the-time favorite place to buy bras, Nordstrom Rack. We'll be really jealous if there's one near your place, but it's still okay if you don't. Let's go to their online store!

We love NR just because it has high-quality material, well-made design, and a variety of sizes. If you want to have really fruitful and juicy savings at Nordstrom Rack, you should know clearly what size your bras are.

You will really go wild when you go in there and not really be clear about your size. You can have a headache and waste a lot of time in case many people are hunting for sales like us.

One reason for this is there are no bra-fitting professions there for you, so you are not likely to be guided and advised to get a well-fitted one. If you don't identify which size you are in, you can use a bra sizing calculator to help.

You can see that there are two different types of racks in their lingerie area, the "kind of reduced" priced one and the Clearance section. "Kind of reduced" is not a way to go, don't waste a lot of time there. Let's fish for some super good deals at the clearance rack.

How to Catch a Big Fish For Bras

The very useful and amazing point about NR is that they have a tool, Search and Send, helping you to find the fitted bras you search for. Suppose that particular bra doesn't have a size you need, or it's not in your favorite color. Or let’s say that you have a perfect bra you need in mind, but it's sold out in that store.

The staff there will quickly take their phone to look for all of the other NR stores in the country to identify where that design you need is located. And 95% sure they will find your needed bra at another branch, which is awesome. They will soon send a message to that location and send the lingerie pieces to you.

Normally you will also cost more than $7 for shipping, but even with an additional $7 shipping cost, you'll still have a really great shopping day. Doing this will give you a way cheaper purchase than you expected.

You might notice that some bras will be extremely cheap, just around $10-20. This can result in the color and style no longer being in production. This will lead you to understand that there's a little chance you can find the same bra in a different store, don't give up!

Let's search for it on Amazon. Still, we highly recommend you take advantage of the Search and Send tool to buy more.

How It Works

All the Search and Send does is to look for a sales associate. Their uniform is a green T-shirt, so it's quite easy to find them. Then just give them the item you want them to search for, and they will scan it or type its code in their phone. If you want another color, you can ask them to change the color to a different hue from what you have in hand.

When they track down that item in another store, they will send a request to that store. You will give your mailing information, and they will also require you to pay for it right there, and then they will hand over a receipt.

The shipping fee will not be included in your card until the search has been achieved. You'll get an email to know that your item is fulfilled, and also, you can know the date to receive your bras.  

I have just visited NR for sales and use a Search and Send service. I want to buy a Wacoal Bra, which has the original price of $65 and has a discount of $9.97!!! And as I expected, it is running out of the size I want and only has a 30D size, but you know I can't let such a cheap quality piece go away that easily.

Then, I asked the sales associate to order another one. She searched her phone, and luckily she found the very one left in the whole system. After sending a request, I got an email notification a day later, and my request was successful, and my bra will be delivered in 5-6 days. Such a blessing!

Sales Events

I just went to my local NR store last week and realized that all the items which were part of the Anniversary Sale in July and August were in the clearance section. So, I highly recommend you to go to NR at the beginning of October. You'll get all the bras you wanted in the Anniversary Sale even at a way cheaper price.

Yet, the minus point when clearing rack at NR is that it's not likely to offer you basic colors such as nude, white, and black. It will come in colorful and printed bras. To have hope for a bright basic one, you should go there at the beginning of October and have a very first season of the sales events.

One thing you should note about their "Clear the Rack" Sale is that they will also offer an extra 25% off on clearance items bought at the store or online.

You can expect to have those purchases during the holidays. The next sale is after Thanksgiving! Let's prepare to stock up on bras when you can have the best ones! You should follow their social sites to keep up with more information!


Don't mislead that Nordstrom is a luxurious place that doesn't have a good sales season. You can look for new and cozy bras for the cold weather in fall and winter, which always happens in the Anniversary Sale. Especially at Nordstrom, you can expect everyday-wear colors such as nude and white. It can be off up to 40%.

To hunt for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale, it takes place once a year, from July to August. Please keep in mind that those bra prices will be raised in August. Not a big loss if you miss this time.

The Half-Yearly Sale will be another chance for you, held twice a year. It will be a half-year sale, every six months. The prices are the same for all those events, so be patient to stock up more. Below is the specific time for the Half Yearly Sale.

  • Women and Kid Lingerie which is in May
  • Another Half-yearly Sale is in November

You can go to check for Groupon to see great sales on Nordstrom. It's really necessary and useful to see all their events and promotions, and the price for that day and week.


As Dillards run various yearly sales, don't miss this out! I've lately contacted the local Dillards and talked to their friendly manager about when the best events are. She told me it was on the 1 January when all the bras would be off 65%, and you will also have an additional 30% off. This is the best time to cash up for more savings.

Every third week of a month, you can go for Dilliard's clearance rack, it will last for 3 to 4 days, and some selection prices decrease up to 40%. Not so bad at all!


You can have the best time to stock up at Macy's is their One Day Sale. It will offer a wide range of sale prices from 50-80%. You can have another 15% off with your purchase. Macy's also has One Day Sales which will happen on the third weekend of the month. Stores are normally open from 9 am to 11 pm and have a doorbuster offer from 9 am to 1 pm, especially on Friday.


To buy bras online, Amazon can be a good choice. Sometimes, you can not find discounted bras in mortar stores, so buying online from Amazon can be cheaper.

Buying on Amazon has the advantage of a wide range of sizes, colors, and manufacturers. To hunt for a good deal, you can look for Prime shipping as it can offer you a free shipping charge.

You should check the return policy carefully if you buy some from a third party. When you buy numerous bras from different vendors online, the price can pay for an expensive shipping fee for each of those items.


eBay might not be really preferred for some people to buy a sale-off bra, yet let's hear me out. I don't advise buying a used bra, but you can seek a new one on eBay, which is often sold from independent sellers, and get a real deal here.

When buying from other sellers, you have to make sure that you read all the reviews and comments from other customers, read their descriptions and see whether those bras are worn. Also, read their return policy to be sure you can give them back if you are not pleased with it.


Bras are our essential items for us, for women. We all need good bras, but it also has to be cheap. In the world of sales and promotions happening constantly, it'd be better to apply yourself with useful information to stock up your bras for high quality.

To accompany you on this journey, I've given you all the tips and places on how to buy quality bras for cheap in this guide. Hope that it can help you in your hunting adventures for sales.

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