How Should A Bra Fit – All The Tips And Tricks

As reported by some studies, the majority of women are wearing the incorrect size bra.


Yes, I feel the same!

I'm sure I'm not alone on this whenever hearing such a cliché concerning bras. If you want to remove your bra immediately right after you get home after a long day at work, it probably doesn't embrace your boobs properly. Otherwise, it fits well.

So, how should a bra fit?

There isn't a standard for how a brassiere should fit. Any bra-fitting advice is regarded as the Matrix — there is no way to describe it, just experience. This is the reason I've prepared this post to assist you in finding the ideal bra for you.

How Should A Bra Fit? 

Below are some pointers to help you figure out whether you're wearing the correct bra size.


The band of a bra is an essential component of underwear.

The band, rather than the straps, should provide the majority of the undergarment's support. The feeling of the proper band size can be described as a firm embrace. It isn't supposed to leave a mark on the skin.

Suppose the loosest hook on the bra does not fit you. And you can not fasten the underwear even on the biggest number of hooks (the hook number at the point connecting to the other band's half) or the flesh bulges over the bra's straps. Then, the band is definitely too small. Otherwise, if only the tightest hook is fitted, the band is too huge for you.

The tip here is that when you wear the fitted new bra, always remember to start at the loosest hook. Then when the time flies, the fabric will be somewhat stretched; you can move into the tightest hook.

When the band is the proper size, you may easily slip 2 fingers below it. In case you can insert 1 finger, it is too small for your boobs! Meanwhile, when it stretches further out from the chest, it is too big for you.

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As previously stated, the bra's band should provide 85 percent support, and the straps take up the last 25%. The firm straps are the best. However, if it is too tight, it is not right. Still, you can change them to suit your needs.

The straps fit perfectly if one or two fingers can stay easily underneath them. You  also can adjust the tightness to your liking.


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The bra's gore should be positioned flat in the middle. It should be lying in the center of your chest. You know it’s the right one if you don't see any gaps, pulling away, or sticking up.


The underwire, which connects the wire and the band, should rest securely on the chest muscle rather than the breasts.

If the distance between your skin and the underwire is too wide, it is too ample. When it leaves a deep mark on your skin or does not cover the entire breast, the underwire is too small for your size.


Irrespective of the design, size, or shape, your bosom should stay securely in the bra's cups. The cup should hug the entire breast tissue. If you see any hollows or spaces, it does not suit. Otherwise, that is your correct cup size.

Comfort Is Essential

How should a bra fit? If the world were flawless, all the regular bras would be easy to fit because we all have a balanced ratio. However, as the world isn't ideal, a slew of factors go into determining the size.

Tighter straps will never impress a woman who prefers looseness and comfort, and vice versa. As a result, all you need to worry about is how the underwear makes you feel and look.

To sum up: Even if the size is legally perfect, once it causes discomfort, it's not for you. A well-fitting bra should not cause stress and anxiety.

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