Underboob Rash: Causes and How to Treat It

Summer and bikini parties on the beach are a match made in heaven. You are so excited until you notice the red rashes under the breasts.

Pain and itching interfere with your relaxation. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is common during the summer and even repeats without proper treatment and prevention.

There is much medical research and remedies for this terrible situation. Scroll down for a detailed explanation for underboob rash: causes and how to treat it.

What Is The Underboob Rash?

Underboob rash is a form of intertrigo caused by fungi or bacteria. This bad skin condition usually occurs underneath the skin folds as they rub together and create moisture.

Besides underneath the breast, some people may experience infections in the neck creases, the inner thighs, the armpits, or between the fingers and toes.

Underboob rash shows up frequently in our lifetime, especially during hot and humid seasons. On the downside, it causes inconvenience to the patient due to the following manifestations:

  • Red or brown rash
  • Dry and itchy skin
  • Cracked or crusty in the damaged area
  • Bad odor (sometimes)
  • The worst scenario is soreness and bleeding that lead to acute pain

What Causes Underboob Rash?

As noted above, intertrigo is catalyzed by bacteria or fungi. However, poor air circulation, heat, and humidity produce these harmful factors. Specifically, hot and humid conditions cause sweat and turn skin folds into an ideal environment for yeast and fungus to thrive.

In short, any area of your body with excess moisture and the lack of air circulation leads to an underboob rash when skin rubs together under hot temperatures.

In addition to environmental factors, some people suffer from intertrigo more often than others. This stems from persistent or chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, etc.

My Lousy Experience With Intertrigo

My teenage years seemed smooth and dynamic until the intertrigo came and knocked me out of the blue. I woke up like a normal summer day and suddenly noticed some redness underneath my breasts.

As a young girl, I lacked the necessary knowledge and experience to recognize this sign as a rash. Things got worse when the damaged area turned brown. The crease under the breast became painful every time the bra strap came in contact. Needless to say, it made wearing a bra every time I went out a nightmare.

Not fully aware of the problem, I felt quite embarrassed about this skin condition and tried to hide it from my mother. This also meant that I did not seek medical help but calmed it down with home remedies.

Honestly, I have tried a bunch of creams, but none of them soothed the symptoms. It was not until I came across the baby powder that the situation shifted remarkably optimistic. I also added Kleenex and deodorant to speed up recovery. Another useful practice was to let the skin breathe as much as possible.

Fortunately, the rash went away after about a few weeks of treatment. Despite the good results, I would have experienced less inconvenience and pain if I had received medical attention as early as possible.

On the bright side, those trials have provided a full understanding of the therapeutic products. I also grasped some preventive measures, which saved me from frequent recurrences later on. Surviving (and thriving) after such a situation, a few of my remedies below may help you get through these frustrating manifestations.

How To Treat Intertrigo

First of all, compare the symptoms mentioned above and determine that your body suffers from a heat underboob rash. Then take the recommendations below as soon as possible to avoid the worst situation.

Notes: All of the upcoming cures develop according to three main needs of damaged skin, including:

  • Promote air circulation
  • Limit friction
  • Reduce humidity

Appropriate Bra Always Comes First

Without a doubt, a fitting and well-supportive bra is a natural enemy of a rash. Why? It lifts your breasts to the right height and avoids chafing against the skin underneath. This means there are no folds to harbor moisture and sweat and promote fungus.

It is time to say goodbye to unnecessary breast enhancement effects. Instead, focus on breathable materials for the best results. I highly recommend cotton and spacer bras for any activity on hot summer days.

A wire-free bra is indeed a great choice for sensitive skin. However, the principle of limiting friction to the underboob areas should always stay at the top of your mind.

If you are unsure of this rule, a bra liner comes in handy. It is a small fabric worn under your bra to prevent contact with bare skin. Additionally, this item absorbs sweat and relieves pain caused by the underwire.

Above all, always keep your bra clean no matter which option you fall for. Activities in the scorching sun make your body sweat a lot regardless of intensity. As a result, bacteria or fungi may build up in damp bras.

During the hot summer days, switching underwear frequently is a must. In other words, you should not wear the same lingerie on many days in a row without careful cleanup. If you do not have many of these items for an entire week, remember to wash them daily.

In a nutshell, a well-fitting bra is the core treatment and prevention of intertrigo. Breathable fabrics and clean washes also go hand in hand in this process. On the other hand, if you want some chemical effect to speed up recovery or calm the symptoms, scroll down.

Medical Remedies

Anti-Chafing Powders

Despite having a good reaction with baby powder for rash recovery, I am not satisfied with its ability to absorb sweat. This product has failed to meet my demands when I worked all day outdoors. I only recommend it for evening activities at home.

Fortunately, I found out the love of my life after then - Asics powder. It contains calamine and cornstarch, which keeps my breasts dry on summer days. A great plus for this product is the safe ingredient list for treatment all over the body.

To my surprise, this product disappeared from the market. Now, I prefer Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder. It gives similar results to Asics despite the odd name.

Believe it or not, this product is a true savior for the intertrigo. Though my skin condition has improved significantly since my teenage years, I still apply it to the inner thighs when wearing short skirts or dresses.

Anti-Chafing Cream

I have tried many treatment creams, but not many of them solved the problem. One of the exceptions is Fresh Breasts.

Some people doubt the quality as its name seems to get straight to the point. I used to experience the same, but the uncertainty was cleared from the first usage time.

Despite the cream texture, its final layer acts as a powder. When it dries, your hands can feel a light powder coating on the damaged skin. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the dosage used. Otherwise, this product may leave some unsightly residue.

Besides, Fresh Breast is a great treat for sensitive skin. It provides active organic ingredients instead of aluminum and parabens. I also enjoy the oatmeal in place of the talcum. Another laudable ingredient is tea tree oil - a natural anti-bacterial that surpasses expectations.

Anti-Chafing Sticks

Powder products get the job done, but sometimes they create messy stains. That's why I never stop looking for a replacement.

The story started when I used deodorant for a rash. It gives the expected results and overcomes the weakness of the powder. On the downside, one of its main ingredients - alcohol, dries out my skin. Occasionally, I also suffer from sudden itching.

From my point of view, deodorant is not the best option. However, its texture is a great discovery. That gives birth to anti-chafe sticks, and one of my favorite products is Bodyglide Balm.

Aside from its therapeutic effect, the moisturizing power of this product deserves a round of applause. It leaves the skin soft and smooth. Another significant benefit is the suitability for all ages.

Recently, I saw the female version of this product in some supermarkets. The manufacturer seems to add moisturizing ingredients that boost the skincare function. My Internet search results give positive reviews about it. As soon as my current stick runs out, I will probably give the latest one a try.

Anti-Chafing Gel

Some people prefer gel products to ensure comfort on summer days. If you are one of them, have you ever heard of Monistat? It is one of the most popular chafing reliefs on the market today.

Being on this list means that it also boasts rash treatment. To be honest, this is one of my favorite discoveries about this product.

Like other options, you can use Monistat on any body part. Its compactness is suitable for putting in a bag and carrying out. I also find it convenient to apply the gel as soon as the sweat breaks out.

Anti-Fungal Creams

As the name suggests, these products contain cortisone, miconazole, and clotrimazole to fight against the fungus. Hence, you can take advantage of them to treat fungal rash under the breast. They are available almost all the time in pharmacies. However, these ingredients work better for disease recurrence.

When To See A Doctor

Boob rash brings some discomfort to life, but it disappears after a short time with the right treatment. However, severe levels of intertrigo may lead to unpredictable trouble.

If you have a chronic, painful rash or frequent recurrence, seek medical help immediately. Call 911 for any of the following life-threatening symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath, dizziness, or loss of consciousness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Swelling in the damaged area

How To Prevent Intertrigo

The above treatment products are sure to calm the rash after a while. Still, it is not a happy ending at all. The intertrigo can come back to you at any time. Therefore, follow the following hygiene guidelines to prevent this.

Regular cleaning

Wash the skin under your breasts with soap about twice daily, morning and night. If you have sensitive skin, ask your pharmacist about some mild cleansers, such as Cetaphil.

Thoroughly dry 

It is just as detrimental as sweat if you leave your skin wet after a shower. To prevent the rash from recurring, pat dry gently with a soft towel. Another effective measure, especially for big breasts, is to use the cool mode of your hair dryer for drying.

Wear breathable clothing

Start with a well-fitting bra made of natural materials, preferably cotton. This tip applies equally to outerwear. Loose clothes are conducive to ventilation, thereby ruling out harmful factors.

Besides the above mandatory notes, it would help if you consider the following practices:

  • Reduce activities that promote perspiration and expose skin to hot environments
  • Take advantage of an air conditioner or fan to limit perspiration
  • Take off your bra if possible
  • Exfoliate your body to unclog sweat glands


This post has just brought important information about underboob rash: causes and how to treat it. As an experienced person, I understand that this phenomenon is quite inconvenient and annoying, especially in hot weather. Fortunately, the methods mentioned above can save you from itching and pain.

Additionally, prevention is always better than cure. Remember to put on appropriate bras and cleanup for the next use. If you notice sores and bleeding in this damaged skin, seek medical help as soon as possible.

Last but not least, intertrigo is never a matter of shame, as it often happens with women. Hence, feel free to talk with your friend for a pat in the back and possibly some advice. If you get any useful ones, share them with everyone now.

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