Different Breast Shape Types You Might Not Know!

Most of the time, women go out shopping and buy bras with bands that fit them without knowing if it’s their shape or type. There is actually more than just a fitted band. Maybe the band is perfect for you, then, what about the cups and the straps?

Knowing your breast shape types will allow your breasts to breathe comfortably and for you to feel confident every day. You can even purchase that lingerie online without going to the store because you’ve already had all the insights you need.

This guide will talk mainly about the shape. To fully understand how you should buy your bra, it’s essential to prepare yourself first with knowledge about breast size.

Are you wondering, aren't they all the same in lingeries? Isn’t getting the right size all there is to learn? No, it isn’t. You and your friend may have the same size but still have to use different lingerie because of your different shapes.

In addition, not only do big breasts have different shapes, smaller sizes do, too. Sometimes, it’s hard for you to determine your shape at first. You will need to experience a lot for that to happen. And, of course, gaining valid information firsthand is never a waste!

Breast Shape Guide

There are four key factors we need to discuss, which set one shape aside from another.

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Projection: Are Your Breast Shallow?

To explain, depth is called projection. Those with greater depth, or greater projection, tend to project forward.

On the other hand, we have shallow breasts, which stand opposite to the projected. The tissues in this case will not project as far as the mentioned projected and will stay closer to your body.

If you have shallow ones, the appearance will be much flatter than the projected. There are also fewer options for you to choose from in this category.

However, the above doesn’t mean shallow breasts are less in volume. They might have the same volume in some cases but differ in distribution.

While the tissue tends to round up more on the lower part in the projected, they are more evenly distributed in the shallow one. But that’s also why there are fewer options.

Lingeries often come in models with cups on the lower part, which might not be ideal for this shape. Why? Because then, the upper part will be crowded while the lower part will be too roomy with empty space.

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Fullness: Are Your Top Or Bottom Full?

The fullness determines whether your bra fits you the best. Your melons might be evenly distributed or full on the top or the bottom. No matter if they are shallow or projected, there is always the fullness factor.

This facet is somehow similar to the projection one. If the fullness is on the top, the bra might stick tight into your breasts, causing spillage. If the fullness distributes on the bottom, then the cups won’t fit.

The best way to detect the fullness’s location is to see where the nipples are. Put off your bras and bend forward at an angle of 90 degrees and refer to the below locations of your nipples:

  • More volume above the nipple: top full.
  • More volume below the nipple: bottom full.

Root Width: Do Underwires Align With Your Breasts?

The breast root will tell you if a certain underwire bra is suitable for you or not. Root means the breast’s base where it is linked to your torso. You might have either a wide or narrow root.

When designing an underwire bra, the idea is to let the underwire align with a woman’s natural root and support the breast better. The only problem here is the curve will differ.

Wider roots require wider underwires and vice versa. A woman with wide roots wearing a narrow underwire will feel like her boobs are tightened. The other case is also very uncomfortable and indicates a bra is not doing its job well.

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Would a wide or narrow root be bigger than the other? They could have the same volume as the other. The problem that the root width is trying to solve is the proper underwire curve for each person.

That also means you might be wearing a bra that fits your cups, but the underwire might not be in the right curve for you, causing uncomfortable feelings.

Let’s talk about how each root looks. The wide one will have tissues placed near your armpits and beside the torso’s sides. You can check out this type by examining yourself by wearing a bra. If you see your melons spilling out of the lingerie in the armpits area, your breast roots are wide, and you need extended underwires.

Meanwhile, if you feel like the underwires you’re wearing are longer than necessary, go for the shorter options. That’s the sign of your roots not filling up the cups in the torso’s sides.

How to know which type you have? By trying on different bras. The ideal choice for you should be the one with underwires that snugly embrace your breasts’ natural roots. You should check the end carefully on the outer side of the underwires to see how far it goes.

If your roots flow further out of the underwire’s outer side, put it down and try another. The same goes for the underwire that extends further than your roots.

Separation: Wide-Set Breasts Vs. Touching Breasts

The final factor is related to the space between your two cups. That spacing will be crucial to deciding if your bra fits you well.

It’s easy to test and see which type you have, wide-set or touching breasts. All the equipment you need is your fingers. Let your fingers measure the spacing:

  • Wide-set: You can easily fit 3 fingers in the space.
  • Touching/Close-set: The melons touch or are very close together.

You can easily catch sight of the bras online with each cup separated far from the other, while some come with little spacing and more cleavage. It means choosing the wrong type might force you to buy a new bra.

Remember, if yours is the wide-set type, you should find lingerie with underwires aligned with your breasts properly. The best gore can lay flat in the middle, not those that leave spacing between your torso and the bra.

Here we have some tips to accompany you in choosing the right one:

  • Wide-set: Demi-cup with wider gore than normal should fit you well. They are best recommended for people with large spacing between cups. The gore between the cups of this type is also large enough to match you.
  • Touching/Close-set: Look for the smaller gores with modest spacing between the two cups. You can find help from the plunge ones. It’s the best option in case your cups touch each other.

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Breast Shape Types Pictorial Guide

This is a list of the most common types to assist you in finding your perfect lingerie. The name of each type also has mostly described the content. We also have some recommendations for each one.


One of your boobs is larger than the other. The best product for this should be those with removable paddings. Then, you can adjust the paddings to make your boobs look even.

Side Set

Each of your boobs will point in one opposite direction, and they will have a large separation. A plunge option can help you pull them towards each other.

Tear Drop

Your boobs will be rounded, and the top won’t be so full. If you fall into this category, congratulations! Your options are endless. Choose whichever lingerie of your size!


You have more muscle than tissue in your chest, leading to a wider muscular breast. Push-up bras can seal the deal by bringing up curves in this case.

Bell Shape

To put it simply, it looks like a bell. It is bottom full and top slim. That might leave your boobs with fuller busts and require help from those with support and lift.

Relaxed Breasts

While the side set points in different directions, the relaxed breasts have your nipples pointing in one direction only, downwards. Push-up bras can help you reshape your breasts and support them.

Round Shape

Both the bottom and top of this type are round. An underliner is the best choice for this round type.

East West Shape

Once again, look at your nipples. They will point to the outside and in opposite directions. The separation will also be large, like the side set.

You will need those that pull your boobs closer, which are the T-shirt bras, to create fuller shapes and smooth silhouettes.

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Slender Breasts

The top of these boobs is smaller, with their sides longer. Unlike the east west category, the slender breasts’ nipples won’t point downwards for everyone. The recommended choice for this is plunge bras that have paddings.

Though we have already had advice on the lingerie you should choose, watch this video for more insights:

Ultimate tips: How To Get The Best Bra Based On Your Breast Shape


The best bra option depends greatly on your breast shape types, whether your boobs are projection or shallow, top or bottom full, wide or narrow root, and the gap between the two cups. The story is more than just size. Make sure you’ve read and truly understand the article for utmost comfort.

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