Dents In Shoulders From Bra Straps – Top Solutions For Pains

Having dents in shoulders from bra straps is a common issue for women. Although the strings can secure the form while wearing, they may cause discomfort or pain at the same time.

When the ties dig into your shoulder, it results in headaches, nerve damage, back pain, or more serious problems like permanent indentations.

However, don’t worry even if you have big-sized breasts. The tips and advice this writing provides will help you wear bras without trouble.

Preventions For Dents In Shoulders From Bra Straps    

The straps are commonly made from plastic, cloth, or silk and may cause unexpected hurt while wearing. Here are some solutions recommended for this problem when you dress up:

Firstly, you should have the band hold your breasts instead of taking advantage of the straps. When you feel the strings digging in your body, the band has not done its work as expected.

In order to let the band function well, you should go down one size of it to get better support.

If your bandeau used to be comfortable to wear, but now it hurts your shoulder, you should properly throw it away.

Besides, after a long time of use, the band overly stretches and offers little support. As a result, once your bra is worn out, purchase another fitted one for replacement. Make sure you get the right size and shape for your breasts.

Consider further information and advice for getting the ideal products to avoid painful neck and shoulder while wearing in the video below:

Get the wise choices of bras - Tips to avoid shoulder pain

How To Choose The Right Size Of Bra?

There are still dents in shoulders from bra straps in some cases, even when it comes to the large breasts with accurate size. The reason is that your bra has worn out after a long period of wearing it. The solution is to choose a bandeau with padded straps.

There are lightly padded strings in the design of numerous full-cup bras that aim to prevent pain in the users’ bodies.

Or else, it is recommended to invest in shoulder cushions to make the straps stay conveniently on your shoulders. They will stay fixed and cause less hurt.


Minor Details Matter

Simply loosen your straps when you want to avoid receiving the pain on your shoulders. Keep in mind that these strings can not offer full support for your breasts. The band will take responsibility for holding; thus, tightening the straps is unnecessary.

Meanwhile, ensure they are tight enough to stay secure on your shoulder. Just tight enough, or else the ties will dig into your body.

Last but not least, keeping the straps even is not crucial as sometimes you have to tighten only one side to get it fitted.


Dressing properly, especially the cloth inside, is important as it influences your appearance and mood. Thus, if there are dents in shoulders from bra straps, you have not rightly chosen a relevant size or adjusted the strings too tightly.

Take into account the mentioned tips in this writing and further details from the video to get yourself a fitted bandeau without causing pain on your shoulders.

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