Best Underwear Subscriptions

What is an Underwear Subscription Box?

Underwear subscription boxes have become more popular through internet advertising. An underwear subscription box is a great way to take out the hassle of going underwear shopping while still keeping it fun. You get to choose the subscription box brand you are interested in, purchase a subscription, and then, depending on the subscription box and the services they offer, you either choose which underwear you want to receive, take a quiz to receive a curated selection of mystery underwear that you are most likely to enjoy, or just simply receive a selection of mystery underwear.

How to Choose the Best Underwear Subscription Box for You

Figuring out which subscription box to choose for your underwear can seem like a daunting task, but here are some great things to consider when picking out the perfect underwear subscription box that should help you out. When you are ready to start looking for the perfect underwear subscription box for you, whether this is your first one or you are a long-time fan of these things, here are some factors to keep in mind to make sure you end up with the best underwear for you that you will actually wear.

  • Underwear Selection
  • Materials Used
  • Sizes Available
  • Frequency of the Subscription Box Delivery
  • Customer Reviews
  • Customization Options
  • Available Underwear Styles
  • Pricing
  • How Difficult the Process to Order A Subscription Box is

The Best Underwear Subscription Boxes of 2022

Having to search all over the internet and spend hours comparing brands, products, prices, and deals can be exhausting, which is why we have conveniently compiled a list of the best underwear subscription boxes for you, making it easier than ever for you to shop for the products you need, or just want. Here are the best underwear subscription boxes of 2022, along with what makes them so great.

Empress Mimi

Empress Mimi is a great lingerie subscription box if you do not want to be too involved in the process and just want to receive beautiful lingerie to wear for a special occasion or just to make yourself feel even more beautiful than you already are. Empress Mimi wants to make every woman feel as though they are royalty with the wire-free lingerie and accessories provided in the subscription boxes.

Empress Mimi offers two different subscription boxes, the first being The Queen Box, giving you a full set of lingerie each month, with an easily cancellable subscription. The second box is The Empress Box, which provides you with a full set of lingerie each month as well as extra accessories, such as kimonos, jewelry, loungewear, and even the occasional whip for use in the bedroom. The Empress Box can be canceled easily at any time.


  • Ships Worldwide
  • Hassle-free Cancellations
  • Size-matching guaranteed
  • Earn savings the longer you have a subscription
  • No need to return your first box if the size does not match


  • Only extravagant lingerie, nothing simple
  • Can be expensive
  • Not suited to everyone's tastes

Pricing Per Box

  • The Royal Box: $49.99
  • The Empress Box: $99.95

Adore Me

Adore Me is fairly well-known at this point in time and offers their Elite Box for you to order which will contain 7+ items for you to try on, decide what you like, send back the items you don't, and purchase the items that you do like. To start purchasing the Elite Box, take their Style Quiz which will help them determine what you like, such as colors, patterns, bra types, clothing categories, and even the price range of items that will go into your box, followed by a "Love It - Hate It" selection of choices in a Tinder-esque fashion. Afterwards, you pay a $20 styling fee, but do not worry, the shipping is on Adore Me! Once your box arrives, you have 7 days to try on all of the items and decide what you actually want to buy, because Adore Me knows there is nothing worse than hating everything inside your subscription box and getting stuck with it. At this point, you actually buy the pieces you like, of which your $20 styling fee will count towards, and mail back the other items (if any) that you did not want.


  • Very size-inclusive
  • Lets you try on items before purchase
  • Personally styled for you
  • Free Shipping
  • Wide variety of styles and materials


  • Can get very expensive
  • Could end up not liking any of the curated items that month

Pricing Per Box

  • $20 Styling Fee
  • Items ranging from $19.95 - $59.95

MeUndies: The Best Eco-Conscious Subscription Box

MeUndies is an eco-conscious underwear brand that focuses on making soft and comfortable underwear that you can feel happy in while expressing yourself with a fully customizable subscription box of your own. MeUndies makes all of their fabric from beechwood trees (biodegradable underwear!) in ethically run facilities while making sure they only partner with the best that match their morals and goals, such as partnering this year with the LA LGBT Center, The Body Positive, and the Fashion Scholarship Fund.

Those who sign up for the MeUndies Membership Box receive discounts on purchasing items, Each month, you can purchase one set of underwear (Men's, Women's, Bralettes, or Socks) and have it shipped to you with an automatic discount of up to 30% off. Membership grants early access to colors and prints with the ability to reserve something in the newest print once available, ensuring you get it before it sells out. With a Membership, MeUndies uses its algorithm, analyzing your previous purchases, print popularity, and stock availability to choose what to send to you. If you do not like what the algorithm has picked out, you can always choose exactly what print/pattern/color/item you want and receive that instead. While holding a Membership, you can choose to add more than one thing to receive each month; for example, you might want to receive a matching bralette and underwear, or matching underwear and socks.


  • Available for both Men and Women
  • Able to choose different styles, sizes, and prints
  • Soft fabric that is comfortable and biodegradable
  • Free US Shipping


  • No surprise because you choose every aspect
  • Depending on your print choices, your underwear may come off as too childish or too boring

Pricing Per Box

With a Membership, you receive up to 30% off on all items, with the Membership box starting with one item per month

  • Men's Underwear - $18
  • Women's Underwear - $16
  • Bralettes - $24
  • Socks - $10

BootayBag: The Best Box for Those on a Budget

BootayBag is the best underwear subscription box you could get if you are looking for something simple, comfortable, and affordable. BootayBag prides itself on being all of the above, while still offering trendy new looks every month for those who purchase their Members box. Members receive discounts on all purchases, get sneak peeks at upcoming collections, get notified of limited-time items, and get BootayBag's Fit Guarantee, giving them up to 60 days to try and wear their underwear to make sure it fits and they are satisfied with it, and if not, BootayBag will provide you with a product that you are sure to love.


  • Very Affordable
  • Fit Guarantee
  • Customizable Boxes
  • Free Shipping


  • Underwear is limited to their "Cheeky" style or their "Thong" style
  • Minimal Style changes month-to-month

Pricing Per Box

  • 1 Pair - $10
  • 2 Pairs - $15
  • 4 Pairs - $20
  • Add a Bralette - $10-$15 per Bralette

Savage X Fenty: The Best Box for Variety

Savage X Fenty, a lingerie brand created by musician Rihanna and endorsed by many other celebrates, Savage X Fenty offers a wide variety of styles, colors, patterns, and fits to ensure you have stylish and comfortable lingerie for any and every occasion, whether you are spending the day in the gym or surprising your partner with the night of their life.

When you get the XTRA VIP Membership box you are given access to free shipping and free returns, access to exclusive sets, early access to new items, and discounts on items. Since you can place a pause on your subscription at any time, each month that you are actively paying the subscription fee, you get a Member Token, which is worth the subscription fee you pay. Member Tokens can be saved and stacked together but do expire after 12 months, so be sure to put them to good use! Using your Member Token(s), you can put together your own XTRA VIP Membership subscription box which will get sent out to you, making it easy to get the things you like in the sizes that fit. If you do not like something as much as you thought you would or the size is not quite right, members have a 90-day Fit Guarantee to make things right.


  • Fit Guarantee
  • Very Size-Inclusive
  • Wide Variety
  • Gender Inclusive


  • Can Become Expensive Quickly
  • Must Choose the Items you receive every month
  • XTRA VIP Membership can be confusing

Pricing Per Box

  • XTRA VIP Membership - $54.95

Burgundy Fox: The Best Subscription to Boost Your Confidence

Burgundy Fox is definitely considered a "luxury" underwear subscription box, offering high-quality and delicate materials such as lace, satin, silk, and chiffon to make sure you both feel the best while looking your best. Burgundy Fox specializes in extravagant lingerie, not your everyday underwear. Burgundy Fox offers three different subscription boxes for you to choose from, each offering different items. Their first box offers a 3-month subscription for a curated lingerie set as well as some self-care gifts. The second box offers 5 pairs of underwear delivered once every 3 months (4 times a year). Their final box offers a unique seasonal lingerie set, complete with a robe, nightgown, and loungewear, as well as a specially curated self-care gift that arrives once every 3 months when the seasons change (4 times a year).


  • Multiple Box Options
  • Self-Care Add-Ons
  • Gorgeous and Sensual Items


  • Limited Styles for Everyone
  • Very Expensive

Pricing Per Box:

  • 3-Month Box - $229
  • 5-Pair Underwear Box every 3 months - $64
  • Seasonal Lingerie Box every 3 months - $99

Underclub: The Best Subscription Overall

Underclub is all about bringing popular designers to you, making them easily accessible, allowing you to wear trendy, chic, stylish, and sexy lingerie and underwear for less than you might pay for it straight from the brand or designer. Underclub offers a detailed style questionnaire for you to take to make sure they can curate your box to you as much as possible, as they offer a wide range of styles and available designers that you would most likely get something you did not like if you did not take the questionnaire. Underclub offers 3 different boxes, 2 for underwear of different retail values and 1 box for a bralette and bottom set.


  • Wide Variety of Styles
  • Wide Range of Designers
  • Detailed Questionnaire for Curation


  • Can be Very Expensive
  • Unable to Choose preferred Brands or Designers

Pricing Per Box

  • Signature Plan: 1 Pair of Underwear - $15
  • Signature Plan: 2 Pairs of Underwear - $28
  • Luxe Plan: 1 Pair of Underwear - $25
  • Luxe Plan: 2 Pairs of Underwear - $35
  • Bralette Set: 1 Bralette + 1 Bottom - $45

The Final Verdict on Underwear Subscription Boxes

Knowing just which underwear subscription box to choose from can be a difficult task that you should put a fair amount of consideration into, especially considering the price of some of the underwear subscription boxes listed above.

Adore Me and Empress Mimi are great starting points with lots of options. Underclub is a decent choice if you want designer lingerie styled just for you. BootayBag is perfect for those on a budget who want to take care of the basics. MeUndies is great for those who care about sustainability and biodegradability while still wanting to look fun. Burgundy Fox is exactly what those looking for beautiful and expensive lingerie want. Savage X Fenty is just what you need if you want a little more (or a lot more) bedroom action.

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