Best Underwear for Working Out

When you are working out, you probably pay attention to the clothes and sneakers you are wearing but do not give your underwear a second thought. It might surprise you that the underwear you put on when exercising is really important for both your health and the quality of your workout. There is actually underwear out there that has been specifically formulated for women working out but it is not talked about and therefore not many people know about it and the benefits. It is time to become more educated on underwear when working out and what it can do for you. You are probably wondering where to start when shopping for the best underwear for working out and hopefully the following information will definitely be useful to you.

What You Need in Underwear for Working Out

The Perfect Material

The most important thing to think about when choosing underwear to work out in is choosing a pair that is breathable. Your body releases a lot of moisture when you work out and cotton underwear is the best option for absorbing this. If you want to avoid moisture and discharge even more, you might want to consider moisture-wicking underwear that is made from nylon, polyester, or spandex. It is also advised that you choose underwear that is free from chemicals because they can cause infection especially if you are wearing them when working out.

The Right Construction

Underwear is all different and made up of varying components and you need to consider this when shopping for the best underwear for working out. For comfort reasons when exercising, make sure that you avoid elastic or lace in all those wrong places (g-strings and sexy lace undies are a no-go!) This can cause irritation, itching, rash, and general discomfort. The style you go for really does depend on your personal view though and what you are most comfortable in.

Now that you know a little bit more about what you should be looking for in working out underwear, let's take a look at some of the products that are recommended by experts and customers alike.

Patagonia Women's Barely There Thong

These are made from a nylon spandex blend with moisture-wicking and odor control properties and these features definitely make them good for working out. On the other hand, the fact that they are a thong means that they might not be as comfortable as what you would have preferred when exercising so that is something to think about. They are made from recycled material, they are available in sizes XS to XL and they come in the colors black and rosewater.

Okko Signature Brief

These are silky, comfortable, and completely seamless. They have a dark-colored gusset which is ideal for covering up any moisture leakage. They are lightweight and will generally have you feeling good when you are doing a range of workouts. They can ride up and they are a little small so these are things you should look out for. They come in a range of colors, are available in sizes XS - XXXL, and are made from 73% nylon and 27% elastane.

Yellow Willow Yogini-Bikini

These are really smooth on the skin, they are quick-drying and made from a moisture-absorbent material (nylon and spandex.) They come in nude and black and sizes XS - XXL. There is no doubt that these are a great option if you are looking for underwear to work out in and there really are no drawbacks with these ones.

Icebreaker Siren Thong

These are very comfortable and are made from a merino wool blend, and a little bit of lycra. They regulate body temperature, absorb moisture easily, and are designed to maximize comfort. Some people prefer more coverage when working out but that is the only downside of these undies. They come in three different colors and are available in sizes S - XL.

Pure 5.5 Women's Brief

These undies offer PH balancing, which is very unique and makes them great for working out because they keep the vagina fresh and hydrated. They are stretchy too and feel very delicate against the skin. They come in a range of colors, are available in sizes M - XL, and are 100% cotton.


What type of underwear is best for the gym?

It is important that you look at several different factors when choosing the best underwear for the gym. You need to be looking for a fabric that is a good fit, both being comfortable but still giving you plenty of movement. They should not chafe and they should also have you feeling good about yourself when you wear them. Consider this and also the other things that have been discussed in this guide.

What underwear to wear under gym leggings?

Most gym leggings are very tight so you are probably going to want to go for underwear that cannot be seen through them. Of course, the underwear in question needs to be comfortable and breathable but you should also consider going for a seamless look if you want to minimize lines.

What fabric is best for working out?

Experts have said that the number one factor when finding underwear to work out in is breathability. Lightweight cotton is your best bet and that is largely due to the absorption of moisture. A blend of cotton with some other synthetic material would also be a good choice but make sure that you check out reviews from customers before making your final decision.


If up until this point, you have never thought twice about what underwear to wear when working out, it's time to change your ways and really consider the fabrics that you are putting onto your body, particularly your intimate area! The fit and especially the material of the underwear you choose are very important and can make a big difference. Not only will you feel more comfortable and confident when working out in the right undies, but you will get more from it!

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