Top 14 Sports Bras That Suit Every Workout Type

Needless to say, a supportive good fittings sports bra provides the base for a comfortable and successful workout session. For women who are wearing the same sports bra for a long period of time, it's obvious that the bra is no more in its original shape. Naturally, it will stretch and the support capacity has gone beyond. For women wearing a sports bra for a long time now, it's time to go for an upgradation. The market for sports bras has changed a lot. Today you will get a sports bra for different workout sessions and intensities. Not only they are super comfortable to wear and meant for specific workout types they actually have multiple groundbreaking features which will keep you awestruck. Such unique features include adjustable straps, non-moisture absorbing fabric, compression (for optimum support) and many more.

We all know the discomfort of wearing an ill-fitting or low fabric quality bra. So to help you out we have done some industry research. Read this article below to know the qualities or standards you should consider before buying the perfect sports bra for different workout types. Here's a guide to finding the right sports bra for you.

Now let's explore the top sports bra picks that can adhere to your style, budget, size, purpose & workout needs.

Overall best sports bra- Wacoal underwire Bra (sports bra)

This particular bra almost resembles a t-shirt bra. The Wacoal underwire bra provides individuals with max support from every side due to the presence of the specially designed underwires which lift, shape, separate & stabilize your breasts perfectly. This particular underwired bra is 100% padding free & comes with double-lined cups that add extra support & added compression to the uprights, thereby making them upright & tight.

Well, if you are looking for premium quality fabric, you should definitely go for it since the bra is made of non-moisture absorbent fabric & breather mesh. The fabric helps to keep the body cool even after long intense workout sessions. The wide and close-set distribute the weight with a slide & hook closing system which adjusts within a jiffy. This particular branded sports bra is significantly available in a wide range of sizes from 32 to till 42, with cup sizes ranging from C to H. Coming to the looks, it is available in multiple colours including, lilac grey, black, and white nude & more.

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Best budget-friendly: Syrokan bounce control front adjustable wire free maximum support high impact sports bra

A uniquely designed sports bra for sock absorption and high impact support, this particular sports bra is a dream for all workout freak women out there. It is a full-coverage comfortable fit double-lined cups sports bar which also comes with a cushioned band.

Its best feature is, that one can tighten the bra in the mid of a workout session. With the front adjustable wire, you do not need to bend backwards for adjusting the bra. Unlike normal sports bras, these are designed in such a way that you can lay effortlessly & do not feel any pressure on the shoulder.

In case you are looking for a bra in which you can breathe, this one is the best pick for you. It has a deep U at the back and a front mesh in the front for ventilation. Additionally, the material is super soft & sweats proof, keeping you comfortable and dry through the workout session. This product comes in a variety of colors and prints. Starting from a funky blue leopard print to basic nudes and blacks, there is a variety of options to choose from. You can also get it from 32B to 44F size.

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Low-impact best sports bra: Nike Indy sports bra

Nike is a brand that delivers some of the top-quality bras in the world. This racerback soft & light bra is something you can wear all day comfortably. It is made up of superfood breathable quality fabric and it does not absorb moisture keeping you dry and cool throughout the day. Made with their unique Dri-FIT tech, this particular technical fabric draws moisture from the skin and keeps you dry the entire day. The mesh panels that are placed strategically allow air to flow from one side to the other.

This Dri-FIT bra can be worn on both a casual day and a workout day. This is best for light and medium impact activities, although the usage depends upon your bust's size.

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Medium-Impact best bra- Under Armour Mid sports Infinity bra

If you are looking for a bra that you can wear during medium-impact activities like cycling, boxing, strength training, jogging and running, this bra will provide the right strength and support required. It is a full coverage bra that comes with a versatile design. It has a 1 piece pad in it which helps to limit the motion of the breast during running or jogging. It further comes with convertible straps so that you can change the pattern as per your choice. Available in different sizes from XS to XXL, this bra also comes in a variety of color options.

Natasha Hastings (track & field sprinter Olympic god medalist winner) has also recently said that it is one of her favorite sports bras and she uses it as an everyday wear bra.

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High-Impact best sports bra: CW-X high-impact Xtra support sports bra

This particular bra provides a bounce-free fit and keeps both the breasts stable and firm during workout sessions. The brand incorporates a patented support-web technology providing high-level stability which can last for longer hours than usual. Additionally, the race back design which comes with mesh double layered and crisscross style back helps to keep the body cool and sweat-free. Crafted with 100% breathable, stretchy and moisture-free fabric, this particular bra can be your ultimate high-impact bra.

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Best Stylish sports bra: IVL Power sports collective scallop bra

Now you can elevate your workout session with the help of the scalloped IVL collective sports bra. It comes with a scoop neck and a curvy V-shaped back giving a unique design. It also boosts longline silhouette.

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Best range in size bra: Girlfriend collective collection Simone bra

Popularly known for sustainability, sizing and transparency, this particular brand offers a wide range of bras in sizes from XXS to about 6XL. Best for medium-impact exercises, this bra is ultra-comfortable & sturdy.

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Best for small band/large cup sizes: Panache underwired women's sports bar

This everyday Panache sports bar is smooth enough to be worn on an everyday basis. It features moulded smooth cups with silicone-encased ultra-comfortable pads. Available in different sizes, this particular bar is best for women with a small band and large cups.

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Best for small cupped sizes: Champion show off women's bra

Well, if you are a color lover and are looking for a budget-friendly minimalist bra that only has moisture-wicking features, then the Champion sports bra is the one for you. The super soft cushioned band helps the bra stay in place & prevents chafing. The mesh panel certainly adds extra ventilation. The pullover sports bra gives support during high-impact workouts. While it is available in different band sizes, it is mostly recommended for small cup-sized women.

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Best front closure bra: Under Armour Cross back zip bra

Crafted with the brand's signature Heat Gear fabric, the bra helps to keep your body cool for a long time and keep you dry even during summers. The sleek and smooth exterior helps to wick moisture to a great extent and dries away the sweat within a jiffy. Thanks to the mesh linings & inserts which allow ventilation. The bra is super stretchable and can flexibly move according to the movement of the body, thereby allowing restriction-free and fluid movement. If you are looking for a bra that offers the best performance during high-impact exercises, this one is one of the best picks for you. It is available in various cup sizes and band sizes. You can choose from different neutral colors.

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The best bra with padded option-Chantelle wireless Bra for high-impact sports activity

If you are looking for a wireless option suitable for high-intensity sports workouts, this one is a good fit for you. Designed by the French company Chantelle, it has moulded, inbuilt padded cups for the perfect fit, & unmatched comfort. This means every time you take it out from the washer, it retains its shape. No need to worry about warped pads anymore. Not only is it a go-to gym attire, but its sleek outline & bold look also accomplishes way more. It is available in embossed black colour & ranging in size from XL to S.

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The best bra for runners- Sweaty Betty sports bra for running

For unmatched support, while Jogging, High-intensity workout & cross-fit workout, try out the Sweaty Betty running bra. With breathable fabric mesh plates & low to mid-rise cut, this bra offers great coverage & good lumbar support. It is also a light & quick dry type material. Offering an adjustable hook & closure strap you can go for the traditional Uback look or try the fancy cris-cross style.

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Breathable Cotton fabric bra- Fruit of the Loom tank top bra

For the most comfortable & natural-fitting bra, this one would be put top pick. Suitable for low to medium workouts and providing a decent amount of coverage & support this one is a great option. This one is designed exclusively keeping the comfort of the wearer in mind. Available in a rainbow of colours & neutral shades, this one has options for either pack of one or three units.

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Bra top category- I wonder woman by Venus Williams, corset top Eleven.

For the fashion diva, this corset-styled sports bra top is a must-have wardrobe essential. Designed by tennis legend & fashion icon Venus Williams, this option features a decent silhouette without heavy inner cups or pads. However, the showstopper in this one has to be the shimmery fabric exterior, which not only looks amazing but also has the added advantage of an in-built SPF 40+ sun blocker. Not only fashionable looking but also it has great utility & is suitable for medium-intensity workouts. Size options range from L to XS.

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How do we test the sports bras?

To check the performance of a sports bar we evaluate how fast they can wick moisture by pouring some water on them, thereby measuring the distance & speed of the spread of the water. We further check how well it can hold back the color after washing it vigorously. We keep the bras in a special lighting room to check the color change & to evaluate whether the brand has followed the textile industry or not in terms of swatches.

We also ask different individuals of different bust sizes to wear the bras and give genuine feedback about the comfort, fit, and overall performance of the bra. They try the bra during different workout sessions. Our testers wear the bra for more than for a hundred hours of workout sessions & then our analysts review over five thousand data points.

How do you shop for sports bras?

Your aim should be to choose the style that is well or best-suited for exclusively your breast size and your level of activity. Here is what you should keep in mind while you buy sports bras:

1. Encapsulation vs compression:

You might observe these terms on the product description tags so, here is their meaning.

Sports bras that provide encapsulation or maybe a combination of encapsulation and compression are the best for large cup sizes that help them protect from haphazard or unruly movements in every direction. Whereas, compression sports bras will hug your body & these are the best sports bras for small breast cup sizes.

2. Sizing:

You should ensure that the brand offers a correct size chart or not because every individual breast are different from each other. You should not stress out or get confused if you find out your sports bra's size differs from the normal daily bra or the size of your t-shirt. Sports bras are meant to be felt more compressed compared to a regular or daily bra to hold your breasts in. But, these sports bras should not be making you feel constricted or uncomfortable.

3. Style:

You will have a wide range of sports bra styles to select from but the best purchase must depend upon your personal level of activity and preferences. For the movement of your upper body, a racerback sports bra style will provide you with an increased range of activity or motion. If you want extra support for your breasts, you should search for sports bras that contain built-in bra cups, underwires, and removable pads. You can try a bra style with hook eye closures and adjustable straps if by chance you come across a time where you have a problem finding your perfect sports bra fit.

4. Irritation and chaffing:

these are the most common complaints that we get from women who wear a sports bra on a regular basis. This situation can arise due to the unwanted and annoying combination of rubbing and sweating. You have to ensure that while buying a sports bra for yourself, the item's material or fabric is made of moisture-wicking technology and that your sports bra has minimal stitching and seams that will help in reducing the friction during any activity or exercise such as running and gymming where there is a huge amount of movement involved. Lastly, you need to ensure that your sports bra is not too small or too big according to your breasts.

5. Moisture management:

It is very obvious that during a prolonged and tough workout session you are going to sweat profusely. Therefore, you will require a sports bra that will wick the moisture or sweat off your skin & that your sports bra will dry quickly. This will keep you from getting drenched with sweat. There can be brands where you will not feel sure whether the sports bra will live up to the claims of quick drying and moisture-wicking technology, so, you can try to test it on spot by dropping a water drop on the bra's inside (the area where it comes in contact with your skin). If it is what it claims then it should not spread the water drop very quickly and if the water droplet beads up or rolls down then the fabric is not made of any wicking material.


  • Is it safe or normal to wear a sports bra throughout the day?
  • In short, the answer is, no. We know that a sports bra is comfortable as by nature they are compressive so, there is no room for unwanted movement. But, if you wear them for a prolonged period, it can lead to various issues. A sports bra can cause chaffing that leads to deep skin makers and these make you feel claustrophobic. You also avoid sleeping in your sports bra as well.
  • Is the size of a sports bra similar to a daily bra?
  • Usually, they are the same but for a perfect fit, you should recheck your measurements.
  • How many times do you need to wash a sports bra?
  • It is most probably the best practice that you wash the bra after each use. This will ensure an extended lifespan of the bra and additionally, this will help you to eliminate any unwanted odor and bacteria.


The women's panache sports underwired bra (buy from Amazon), is an outstanding choice if you are searching for comfort and versatility. If you need a wireless sports bra you can check the high cross back under armor sports bra (buy from Under Armor). Lastly, if you need a pocket-friendly option you can buy the SYROKAN wire-free bounce control high impact front adjustable maximum support bra (buy from Amazon).

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