Top 5 Best Nursing Bras For Large Breasts: Stylish Picks

Your breasts will become larger during your pregnancy and post-natal. A suitable nursing bra will be especially necessary for you to wear. It will bring out the comfort and maximum support to relax and protect your boob in the best way.

A list of the 5 best nursing bras for large breasts in this article will help you save time for seeking such a product. Each item has its special features, advantages, outstanding functions, and disadvantages also.

If you are still concerned to consider, below is a specific review we will provide to you.  Read it carefully to make the most excellent choice.

Top 5 Best Nursing Bras For Large Breasts

1. Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra - Best Overall


  • Manufacturer: Kindred Bravely

  • Brand name: Kindred Bravely

  • Item dimensions: 14 x 10.5 x 0.5 inches

  • Product weight: 3.5 ounces

  • Department: Women

  • Material: Soft fabric

  • Components: 7% spandex, 93% nylon

  • Special features: Overall support for breastfeeding, maternity with the sublimely seamless and wireless design


  • Stylish design
  • Perfect fit using hook-back closure
  • Sublimely smooth fabric material
  • Quick access for breastfeeding
  • Flexible adjustment of straps and flaps
  • Durability
  • Convenient to put on daily
  • Affordable price


  • Tight and curled up the bottom band
  • Closely nylon material
  • Consuming-time to check boob size before ordering

The nursing bra of Kindred Bravely is the most outstanding product for the comprehensive support for busty women. This item is excellent in most of its properties, including its stylish design, various functions, material, and components.  

The material of nursing bras is one of the top important factors to bring out comfort and skin protection. The designers of Kindred are clever to pick nylon for being the main construction of this item. It accounts for 93%, a big percentage of fabric constituents to produce this piece.

Nylon material features thin and light, so it is quite effective to take care of skin gently. Its proper combination with 7% of spandex will freely stretch the nursing bra for maximum comfort to cover your large boob. 

Thus, this maternity bra will help you solve anxiety about changing breast size in the period of pregnancy and postpartum. You will feel more relaxed wearing it for breastfeeding or sleeping. It is truly convenient to wear under other clothes.  

The Kindred nursing bra uses four hooks and eye closures at the back. They contribute to holding the flap of the bra. These back clasps are flexibly adjustable to make a great fit for your bulky chest.

The seamless and wireless design of the best maternity bra for large bust is advantageous to nursing access quickly and easily. Thanks to clip-down cups with the removable pads, you will make skin-to-skin contact with your infant flexibly and speedily breastfeed.

The sizes of this product are various and adequate, so you can comfortably choose the most suitable one with the different large-sized chests.

Regarding the disadvantages of this maternity product, nylon fabric material is not ideal for summer or hot and humid weather. It can cause sweating, or even keep the moisture for a long-time. This will affect your daily activities or work.    

Besides, you need to check and measure your bust size before purchasing it. This makes you consume time and feel unpleasant.

2. Gratlin Women's Plus Size Nursing Bra - Best Budget


  • Manufacturer: Gratlin

  • Brand name: Gratlin

  • Item dimensions: 9.9 x 5.2 x 1.2 inches

  • Product weight: 3 ounces

  • Department: Women

  • Material: fabric

  • Components: 4% spandex, 96% cotton

  • Special features: Great fitted design for easy and quick nursing, fully supportive style for all-day comfort with the economical cost.


  • Well-fitted wear
  • Wider shoulder straps
  • Free-chosen sizes
  • Racerback wireless design
  • Thorough coverage
  • Breathable cotton fabric
  • Drop-down cups at front for easy pumping and nursing


  • Tight bottom band
  • Easily twisted shoulder straps
  • Incomplete comfort
  • Flimsiness

You are expected to purchase a good nursing bra with full functions and fit support but your financial condition is quite scant. Gratlin Women's Plus Size Nursing Bra will help you overcome this concern.

This product possesses the fundamental properties for big bust good support and comfort.  The perfect racerback and wide bottom band design make it become one of the effectively supportive maternity bras for large breasts.

In addition, the cotton component which accounts for 96% also contributes to the comfortable and dry feeling of the whole day.  Cotton is a popular material for bras and other garments all over the world.

This fabric material is relatively affordable and suitable for the medium-priced product. It is also the reason why Gratlin manufacturer opts for cotton for this nursing bra. 

Its cups provide full coverage to prevent leaking outside and keep your busts in place. At the front position of the bra, drop-down cups will help your breastfeeding easier and quicker.

The design and functions of this item are relatively efficient to assist you in the best way during your maternity. You only pay $19.99  to receive such a perfect beneficial nursing bra. It’s budget and economical.

In terms of its disadvantage, you will find it difficult to choose the right cup size with your bust unless you measure it first. The bottom band of the item is too close-fitting, it can cause tightness and unbreathable feelings.

3. Sublime Busty Hands Free Pumping Bra - Best Innovatory


  • Manufacturer: Kindred Bravely

  • Brand name: Kindred Bravely

  • Item dimensions: 15 x 10 x 1.7 inches

  • Product weight: 7.05 ounces

  • Department: Women

  • Material: Soft fabric

  • Components: 16% spandex, 84% nylon

  • Special features: Innovative easy clip system for pumping and nursing quickly and flexibly


  • Smooth fabric for skin
  • Fully adjustable shoulder straps
  • Especially appropriate for oversized boobs
  • Universal fit for breastfeeding and pumping
  • Stretchy material for postpartum shape
  • Modern design


  • Scratchy and rough seam
  • Expensive price

One more outstanding product of the Kindred Bravely manufacturer is worthy for you to pay. It is the most innovative and creative one amidst the best nursing bras for large busts.

This product features a revolutionary design with the functional and modern EasyClip. The progressive system of EasyClip consists of two clips for the distinctive covers. One supports the nursing layer, another assists the pumping easily.

This design style makes this item more unique than other nursing bras. The creative double EasyClip system brings out the ultimate assistance for nursing and pumping in turn. Its new function helps your nursing process clearly and quickly. Besides, you are able to do pumping freely. 

This item is quite ideal for bulky breasts thanks to busty sizing renovation. Its sizes are especially suitable for the boobs of F sizes and above.  The true sizing bands will give a great fit for a big bust.

The stretchy fabric will expand the cups for the most thorough oversized breast coverage. The innovative application of spandex to this bra also adjusts it flexibly to be well-fitted with your maternity and postpartum body.

It is easy to use the adjustable modern wider shoulder straps for convenience and comfort both day and night.

Aside from its beneficial innovative sides, this nursing bra is relatively inconvenient to wear under other clothes due to its dual clips. This system is fixed in the cups, so it can cause tangled obstruction for your daily activities and work.

In addition, its shoulder straps are not seamless, so it will cause itchiness on your skin. Because of the modern design with the versatile pumping system, its cost is more expensive than several other products.

4. BRAVADO! DESIGNS Original Maternity & Nursing Bra - Best Convenient


  • Manufacturer: BRAVADO! DESIGNS

  • Brand name: Bravado

  • Item dimensions:  7.87 x 6.69 x 1.57 inches

  • Product weight: 4 ounces

  • Department: Women

  • Material: fabric

  • Components: 32% Modal, 19% Spandex, 49% Cotton

  • Special features: Convenient wireless design with the soft and modern style for wearing anywhere and easy breastfeeding


  • Breathable cotton material
  • Available cup sizes of nursing bras
  • Wire-free design
  • Racerback with no closure for convenience at home or at work
  • Easy nursing and breastfeeding with full drop-away bra cup


  • Clingy fit
  • Incomplete support
  • Thinness

If you are looking for a fully convenient and supportive nursing bra for large bust, this Bravado product is appropriate for you. It is an indispensable thing in your hospital bag to use whenever you need it.

The item features a large bottom band and the strapless design will help you easily and freely wear it at home, during sleeping, or working. You also adjust it flexibly and handily thanks to the racerback style without back closure.

Your nursing and breastfeeding now will be easier and faster when using this bra. Its one-handed clips are properly designed to open and close comfortably for nursing quickly. It also provides a complete drop-away bra cup to allow you access directly to your infant for breastfeeding.

Nevertheless, this bra is relatively thin, it is not durable. Before purchasing it, you also have to spend your time measuring the size bust to get the fittest pick.

5. Le Mystere Women's Sexy Mama Nursing Bra - Best Attractive


  • Manufacturer: Le Mystere

  • Brand name: Le Mystere

  • Item dimensions: 6.5 x 14 x 4 inches

  • Product weight: 3.52 ounces

  • Department: Women

  • Material: Fabric

  • Components: 27% Spandex, 75% nylon, 83% nylon and 17% Spandex at back

  • Special features: Indulgent and stylish design for a mysterious look of a sexy bustier


  • Superior material for perfect comfort
  • Much-needed support
  • Functional and stylish design
  • Impressive scalloped trim
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Severe instruction for preserve
  • No durability
  • High-priced cost
  • Difficult to wash
  • Rigid cups
  • Itchy mesh shaped design
  • Uncomfortable feelings

This item of Le Mystere will accentuate your attractive and sexy beauty regardless of your bulky boobs during pregnancy and postnatal time. The designers use indulgent lace details to make this nursing bra big bust more mysterious and luxurious.  

This lace layer takes two important responsibilities. It plays a role as a decorative shell for enhancing the attractiveness of the product. Besides, it also supplies the structural support to cover and shape your boobs.   

The highlight of this item is the elegant scalloped edges to be attached around it. This design is quite creative and impressive. The scalloped trims of two bra cups will make your large bust become gentle and glamourous.

The shoulder straps of this item are capable of being adjustable with impressive embellishment details. They also contribute to the alluring beauty of your shoulder.

The stylish and eye-catching design with the scalloped trim under the bottom band will complete the perfect appearance around the ribcage under your big boobs.

Engineers of Le Mystere also provide wide wings with a dual-layer of sparkling mesh for maximum prominence. Thanks to its irresistible and innovative style, this nursing bra will significantly beautify your large breasts. 

However, you must follow instructions carefully to keep this item long-lasting. It also wastes your time to wash using only your hands. It is inconvenient for you to take more complicated steps, including gently manual washing with warm water and no ironing, no using bleach, and line drying.


When you read this part, you can easily make the best decision for the most suitable product for your large bust. Among the 5 best nursing bras for large breasts we just recommended above, you should pay attention to Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Seamless Nursing Bra.

This item is well-known for its top-premium comfort and quality. Therefore, it will provide the most effective support for your pregnancy and lactation. Thanks to sublime material, stylish design, perfect functions, this nursing bra is completely worthy to invest in.

Apart from this product, you can also experience four remaining bras. Consider their functions, prices, and special features to give the greatest pick and enjoy the most wonderful values.        

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