Top Fifteen Convenient and Easy Front Closure Bras

When you are choosing a bra, you look for the ones that suit your style. But some people also search for an easy closure system for the undergarment. If it's an easy front closure, you may find it convenient. This is also very useful for women who have gone through childbirth, or surgery or who might not want to go through the hassle of back clasping bras. It still comes down to your personal choices. But when it comes to post-surgery situations, you would want easy access to your bra clasps. It will help you breathe properly, and you can take it off easily without tiring your arms in the struggle of releasing your chest. As easy as it sounds, you will also find it simple to use. You can unwind after a long day at work, and it will just require releasing the front button of the bra. However, you understand the benefits of a front closure, but when it comes to choosing one; it may not be that simple. You may have to look into lots of online and offline shops for the right front closure bra, and you may not find it even though you have the measurement and everything.

You have searched online and in physical lingerie shops too, but somewhere your search became limited, and you couldn't find the right size and fit for the front closure bra. It can be disappointing and may lose your interest in the search for the front closure bralette. But you won't have to worry anymore, because if you are searching for the perfect front closure bra, we are here to help you out in your search. In this article, we have listed the options that may fit your style the material, comfort, fit, and lots more. We have also added bra options for big and small chest women, you will get a plus size option, a nursing bra that has a front closure, and other options.

You may not have found the right front closure bras anywhere, but with our help, you will find the perfect bras that you have been searching for.

Go through this article to know more about the popular front closure bralette, and tips from Samantha brown, our wardrobe expert.

All-Inclusive Bra: Front Clasp Underwire Bra from Wacoal

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This front clasp bra is very comfortable, gives better support, and has nice details on the front. You will get various color options for this bra, and this is another reason, we have listed this in the all-inclusive category. You can choose from different bust sizes, and it's perfect for large-chested women.

Bra Fabric: Supplex. AA to DDD cup sizes. Thirty-two to thirty-eight band sizes. Shades: Sand, black, and pink.

Top Affordable: Racerback Bra from Auden

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An affordable bar should be your best friend when you are looking for everyday wear. This front clasp bra from Auden offers racerback support, the fabric is soft, and it fits perfectly too. You can wash it easily and wear it regularly, what more could you want?

Bra Fabric: Soft jersey. A to DDD cup sizes. Thirty-two to forty band sizes. Shades: Tan, caramel, cocoa, white, beige, and black.

Top Amazon Front Closure Bra: Bra from Vanity Fair

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This bra has a 4.5 rating on Amazon from more than five thousand buyers. This front open bra is not only affordable, it's sturdy, has a perfect fit, and is comfortable. This is also a versatile bra, and buyers like it for its better coverage, quality, comfortableness, and its fit.

Bra Fabric: Spandex and nylon. B to DDD cup sizes. Thirty-four to forty-four band sizes. Shades: White, black, beige, and many more.

Top Bra from Small Chest: Front Clasp Bralette from Free People

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If you have a small chest, you can always choose a bra with a front clasp. This bralette from Free People has a beautiful design, and it's wired. You will get more comfortable with the spandex material, and you will get a bit of stretch.

Bralette Fabric: Nylon and spandex. A to DD cup sizes. Thirty-two to thirty-six band sizes. Shades: strawberry, black, and white.

Top Large Chest Bra: Racerback Bra with Back and Front Clasps from Smart and Sexy

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You will find it very comfortable as it's made of cotton, as you will get back and front support. The racerback design is great for additional support, and you can easily wear it every day. The brand Smart and Sexy offer this stretchy, and soft bra in various shades.

Bra Fabric: Made of pure cotton. B to DDD cup sizes. Thirty-four to forty-two band sizes. Shades Available: Lilac, black, light gray, and many more.

Perfect for Large Bust: T-Shirt Bra from Lane Bryant

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Big chested women have this perfect option of front closure bra from Lane Bryant. If you love t-shirt bras, you can get this comfortable and breathable front open bra from Lane Bryant brand that gives good coverage, and support and has crossed back for more hold.

Bra Fabric: Made of cotton. Thirty-eight to thirty-six band sizes. Shades: Polka dot, floral, and black.

Perfect in Lace Bra: Glamorise WonderWire Front Close Underwire Bra

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Nordstrom offers this perfect front-open lacey bra. We are a fan of this bra, as this has the best look, offers a great fit, with various patterns and colors, and we can't forget the beautiful lace style. You will get band sizes from thirty-four to fifty, and cups are available from B to H.

Bra Fabric: Elastane, polyester, and polyamide. B to H cup sizes. Thirty-four to fifty band sizes. Shades Available: Black, blue, brown, mocha, white, leopard print, and many more.

Best Comfort Front Clasp Bra: Cotton Bra from Fruit of the Loom

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If you are looking for a basic and comfortable cotton bra, you must go with the product of Fruit of the Loom brand. You will get a hook closure at the front, which gives a better grip on the cups, and it's made of cotton, which gives perfect comfort to your breasts. You can wash it on the machine.

Bra Fabric: Spandex and cotton. Thirty-four to forty-eight band size. Shades Available: White, black, sand, gray, rose, and blue.

Perfect for Nursing Mothers: Front Clasp Nursing Bra from Felina

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This bra is best for nursing mothers, and the price is affordable too. It offers a better fit with coverage, and it's very comfortable, and the crucial thing is, that it functions perfectly for nursing purposes. You can choose a size bigger than you usually wear because some buyers have commented about the size issue.

Bra Fabric: Elastane and nylon. C to G cup sizes. Thirty-two to forty-two band sizes. Shades available: black, grey and many more.

Top Support Bra: Soft Bra from Anekdot Boutique

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If you are looking for better support, we recommend the bra from Anekdot Boutique. The brand uses scrap fabric materials to create their bras, and you will get a laced look at the front of this front clasp bra. The bra is non-lined and wireless, which will help you stay comfortable while looking sexy.

Bra Fabric: Elastane, and nylon. Extra small to extra large. Shade: Black.

Perfect Push-Up Bra: Push-Up Bra from Victoria's Secret

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This is a traditional-looking push-up bra from the renowned Victoria's Secret brand, and the best thing about this bra is the memory foam pads, which give better support. In addition, you will get enclosed racerback support with an adjustable strap option, which is best for women with larger breasts. The one drawback of this bra is that you will get the front clasp option for the black color.

Bra fabric: Made of lace. A to DDD cup sizes. Thirty-two to forty band sizes. Shades: Black.

Top Bralette: Front Clasp Bralette from Cosabella

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You will find this front open bralette from Cosabella to be the perfect collection for your wardrobe. This bra is good for recovering patients, but you can use it regularly. One of the best things we like in this bralette is the lace lining, which is a high-quality product and many buyers have supported it. In addition, it has a V shape neckline with a racerback design, which offers perfect support to your breasts. This is a comfortable and safe option for post-operation women, as it's light and you will get a suitable opening at the front.

Bra fabric: Polyamide and elastane. Small to extra large sizes. Shades: Sette, lily, pink, ivory, and black.

Top non-wired: Wireless Front Clasp Bra from Carole Martin

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This bra will give you the feeling of a second layer over the skin. This is a non-wired front clasp bra from Amazon that has a 4.1 rating from more than eight thousand buyers just for its stretch, support, and comfort. This is also preferred by people who are recovering from surgery and searching for a good support bra that will be comfortable. In addition, you will get different neutral shades for this bra.

Bra Fabric: Spandex and nylon. B to D cup sizes. Thirty-four to forty-eight band sizes. Shades available: blue, café, white, pink, black, and beige.

Perfect traditional bra: Full Coverage Bra from Spanx

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You will get the perfect traditional front clasp bra from Spanx. With this product you will get better support, stretch, and increased comfort and the straps will not put a dent in your flesh.

Bra Fabric: Patented hosiery from Spanx. A to DDD cup range. Thirty-two to forty band sizes. Shades available: rosewood, rose, brown, nude, black, lilac, rouge, and many more.

Perfect for a Post-Operation Bra: Front Clasp Bra from Third Love

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If you are recovering from an operation, you can choose this bra from the Third Love brand. The material is soft and stretches a bit; you will get better support and comfort, just what you need when you are recovering from surgery. This bra is also perfect for women who are going through radiation therapy and have sensitive breasts.

Bra Fabric: Spandex and modal. Extra small to triple large sizes. Shades: black and sand.

Things to search for when you are buying a front open bra

Perfect fit

According to Samantha Brown who is a wardrobe specialist, the right fitting is the main thing. If you choose a front clasp bra, you have to make sure the product gives perfect support to your ribcage and provides better lift. She also adds that the bra should not spill the breasts from the top. Also, you would never want to underwire to dig into your flesh, or the straps to put a red dent on your shoulders.


Comfort should be a factor when you are buying a front-closure bra. It should also fit well, and then look for the comfort in it because you will be wearing it for the entire day. Search for options that stretch a bit and are soft, you can also get bras that are made of memory foam cups. If you have to run and exercise in hot weather, then you can choose from sweat-soaking bras.

What is the working process of a front open bra? 

Based on the design of the bras, you can get a single snap closure, which can be made of plastic, a zip lock, just like in front open sports bras, or a hook and eye clasp. You must buy a good quality bra so that you can avoid any kind of wardrobe malfunction.

Why most bra clasps are located in the back? 

Back clasp bras are made by people who never had to put on a bra. However, it was invented in 1889 in France by a woman. And from that day, it still has a reason for the back clasp. Bras that have a back clasp, have a series of hooks and eyes, which gives breasts more support, it can stretch out with repeated use and washing.

This is why we advise women to purchase a bra that can give better support with the loose hooks. If you prefer to wear a bra that has tight-fitting hooks, you can't manage to fit the bras that stretch with time.

What is the method to wear a front clasp bralette? 

The best thing about a front open bra is that you just have to put on the straps first, then bring the clasps closure and fasten it with the hook or pull up the zip. This is the easiest method of bra-wearing, and you will get it only with a front-closure bra.

If the bra has a hook closure, you just have to clasp the hooks with the eyes from the bottom to the top, or vice versa. With the single opening front clasp bra, you just have to close the pin into the clasp. It's that easy.

Once you have slipped on the bra, you have to bend in the front a bit to check if your busts are in the right place. Check the backside to ensure the band is rightly placed, and not crumpled.

In addition, make sure the straps are giving better support, but they should not bite into your shoulders. If it is, then pull the band a bit higher on your back to make sure you are comfortable with the tightness. If the back side of the bra is riding upward, then invest in a smaller size for the bra band.

What's the method of taking off a front open bra? 

To unclasp the bra, you have to remove the hook in front of the bra or pull the chain down. Or you can just remove the straps down, and when you need to wear it, put it on like a jacket. It's will be best if you don't stretch the bra more than it should, because that way the bra may get loose, and you won't get much support after some time.

Are front-open bras beneficial for big busts? 

Front clasp bras have more benefits for women with big busts. Check out the key perks of having a front open bra for big-chested women:

  • If you want to show off a bit of cleavage, you can do it with some front clasp bra. The cups when they close at the front bring the breasts to the center, thus it creates a cleavage shape, which will make you look sexy.
  • You can select from various designs like leisure, casual styles, posture support, T-shirt, racerback, lace, and many more. You will find the front clasp bras to be very useful and versatile.
  • When you are looking for convenient ways with a bra, you must choose a front clasp option. They are very easy to wear and take off. If you have been recovering from surgery, or have any kind of back or shoulder pain, you can use these bras to get access.
  • Wear the bra with a low-cut blouse, because the bra will help you rock that outfit. The front clasp bra has low necklines, which gives that advantage.
  • Front open bras are perfect for giving a smooth look to your figure. If you used back clasp bras, you know how it gives a dent on the skin, and over the top, it used to look like bumps on your body. But with the front closure option, this will never be the scenario.

Can I get a non-wired front clasp bra? 

Indeed. You will find any design with a front open bra. Lots of women opt for non-wired bras because it provides better support and comfort which wired options cannot offer. Check out the reasons why non-wired front clasp bras are the perfect product you can have in your wardrobe:

  • A front clasp bra is perfect for sleeping or moving around freely. If you like to wear a bra all the time, then you can choose a non-wired option for the front closure bra. As there is no black clasp, so it will not create discomfort on your back, and you will feel comfortable all day.
  • Front closure bras are very comfortable. Many women have been positive about the comfort of the non-wired bra. You must have black clasp bras, and you might have faced the loose wire which poked at your back, and it must have been very painful when it stung you. But with a front open bra, you won't face these accidents.
  • You can easily wear the bra because you just have to fasten the hook at the front, which is easier than the black closure hassle.

Tips to select the perfect front clasp bra

When you are selecting a front open bra, you need to focus on the support type you want.

You can choose the front clasp option that has a hook system. You will get better support from it. If you choose a single closure system, it will not be able to hold your chest perfectly. Also, if you go for a double hook system, you can have the nice fit you want. The double hook clasp will hold the weight properly. In addition, you need to think about the wire and non-wire options. If you select a wired option, you will get no adjustment option with the bra brand.


If you want adaptability, ease, and more comfort, you must have a front closure bra in your wardrobe. You will find it not only easy to wear and take off, but you can also be more flexible throughout the day. You can choose from various designs, and it's for everyone who is looking for trendy yet comfortable bra options. You can go through our collection of front closure bras, and you may find the right one for your collection.

Browse our complete Front-Closure Collection to find the perfect bra for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any advantages of wearing a front-closure bra?

The first thing you will remember here is the ease of wearing and taking it off when you want. Brown says that you can easily wear and take it off, and you won't have to buck your shoulders or arms to close the snap at the back, which is a great relief for most women. She further explains that, that when you are using a back clasp bra, the way you wear it can damage the system and the shape of the product. If you clasp the back hook first in your front then slide it back to adjust it on your chest, then pulling the straps of the bra on your shoulders will damage the shape of the material. But when you use a front closure option, you won't have to face such pushing and pulling anymore.

Why should you choose a front-closure bra? 

The closure section of a bra depends on your choice mostly. According to Brown, if the bra fits you perfectly, you can easily go with it. You can flaunt your dress or top easily, and you won't feel discomfort or irritation if the front closure bra is a nice fit. However, Brown also adds, that when you are using these bras, you have to be mindful of the non-adjustable status of the product directly on your ribcage. If you expand in size, or do not meeting the standard measurement, you may face problems wearing and carrying the bra.

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