Top and Comfortable Bras for Small Chest

Put on the bra that gives better comfort

Being a person with a small chest, I have gone through a lot of experiments with bras. If you have the same situation as me, then you may understand what kind of bra issues I have gone through. When I was a teenager, it was a reputation issue in high school, as I used to get jealous of my other heavy-bust friends. It was a point of confidence for them because they looked good in the clothes they wore. But that didn't happen for me. I waited for a long time for some growth in my chest area, but that never happened. Years of waiting, but that didn't mean I went braless. I tried extra-padded bras, hoping those can help my chest look better, but they didn't. Then, I even tried using the big bra of my sibling and stuffed it with pieces of clothes. It was a hectic time for me, at least when I was in high school. But when I stepped into college, I cared very less and stopped wearing a bra for the best.

That brings me here today, on this camp where I'm confessing that, I don't wear a bra most of the days, because I don't need that just for my small bust. But I like to wear one because I feel good wearing it and make me feel like a lady once a day. However, I also go through a lot of confusion about choosing and wearing a bra. There are days when I want full coverage, and other times I want to show off a bit of bra lace on my shoulder. In this article, you will get to check twenty-eight perfect bras for small chests. These are my favorite choices for the small bust people, and if you choose one or two from this list, you will feel good wearing them.

Triangle Bra from Parade (Extra small to Triple Large)


If you are confused about a good bra for a small chest, you need to take a look at this bralette from Parade. This is a triangular-shaped bralette, and you will get better coverage and support with it. The bra material is silky and very smooth, so you won't feel any initiation when you have to wear it for a long time. The material is recycled polythene, and you can get matching bottom wear with it. You can wear this bra and the bottoms under your shirt or the housecoat. You will feel very comfortable wearing it, and when you are casually moving around.

Bralette from Hanky Panky (Extra small to Large)


I loved this bra brand from my high school times. I used to hide the thongs of my mom's which were from this company. I had a thick strap bra at that time from this brand, and I do not prefer than now. But I had to wear it, because of its style. Now, this bra is my favorite and I call it a trouser bralette. This is mainly because it gives me the best comfort, and I can even go to sleep wearing it. The lace lining and the stretch are very soft, and I never feel discomfort.

Classic Bra from Richer Poorer (Extra small to Extra Large)


This is a trouser bra-style bralette. I prefer to wear this on the bed with the matching bottom. This bralette is made of cotton and has no clasp that will dig into your skin. It's more comfortable because it's wireless and non-padded. If you are a non-bra person like me, you may like this option.

T-Shirt Bra from Third Love (A to H Sizes)


A classic t-shirt bra is what you need for your rendezvous. The bra has a thin adjustable strap, and it's wired. You may like the shape of it, and it comes in different colors and limited edition shades.

Bra from Love Vera (Small to Triple Large)


This is a lacy bra with better support at the bottom of the cups. You can buy the matching bottom wear with it, to complete the look. The bralette isn't wired, cups and pads, so you can wear it comfortably. You may fall in love with its sexy design.

Bralette from La Sette (Extra small to Extra Large)


This is a small lacey bra that I prefer. You will get a matching bottom with it and triangle laced cups, which offer perfect comfort. The strap is a simple lace, and you won't find the clasp digging into your skin.

Bra from Baserange (Extra small to large)


This bra is one of my favorites on this list. I have waited to add this brand here. It's a bamboo jersey material bralette. The material is very soft, you will get bottom wear, and has a velvet material. This is a t-shirt version of a bra.

Soft Bralette from Lonely Label (A to E Sizes)


This is my favorite lingerie brand, and I have liked the bralettes from this company for a while. If you are looking for a soft lace option in your bra, this might be your choice. I have a matching bottom with the lace bra, and I have worn it several times. I prefer the triangle shape of the cup, which offers better support. You will get different color options too. The bra has an underwire, but that wouldn't create discomfort.

Bra from Mary Young (extra small to large)


You can feel fully covered wearing this bra. You can show off the strap of the bra, and it has a triangle cup. The bra has no underwire or padding. You may find this mesh style better than other regular bralettes.

Covered Bra from Arq (Small to triple large)


I first saw the products of Arq on Instagram. I saw the crop tank product of this brand, and from there I wanted to check out other options. I liked the covered bra options from Arq, and it's not just for a small chest, but big boobs women will find some products with matching bottom wear from the website. The fully covered bras are perfect for summer days, as you can wear them as the top. Also, the material is ninety-two percent cotton, so, it's breathable and comfortable.

Bra from Pansy (Extra small to double Large)


If you are looking for simple cotton bras, then Pansy has something to offer. The material is hundred percent organic cotton and made in the USA. You will get color options like the sky, black, cream, rust, and lilac. The straps are thin but adjustable, and you may want to purchase the bottom with it. This is a classic style bra, and you will love the comfort of it.

Lace Bralette from Love Stories (A to D Sizes)


This is the most beautiful and elegant bra on this list. You will never regret having a small bust because you can rock this bra with the bottom. This is a lace bralette and the colors available with this product are just amazing. You will get shades like rose pink, light brown, black, and even gray. The bralette comes with light closure with a hook, which is not my favorite, has adjustable straps, and a supportive band made of elastic. You must wear this bra for an occasion, and flaunt your inner beauty.

Vintage Style Bra from Wolf & Gypsy (Small to Large)


This bra is made of cotton, and it has been manufactured in Argentina. The perfect shape of this bra is the most noticeable feature of it. It's wireless, has cotton-made cups, and adjustable light straps. You can buy this product with matching briefs, and you will get a bring green shade for the combo. This is a simple underwear option, and you may like it because of its simplicity.

Mesh and Lace Bralette from Fenty (Extra small to Tripple Extra Large)


If you love Rihanna, then you must know that Fenty is her designer line. Other than cosmetics, she also has introduced her lingerie collection. What I love about this bralette is that's not just perfect for a small chest option, but it's made of ninety-five percent cotton, with double layer coverage, and the bra has no wire or padding. The V-neck design gives the bra a sexy look, and it's more personal than a normal bra. You would love to wear it when you are feeling loved, or when you are with your partner. The bra is made of mesh and lace, which gives a nice vibe to it. I'm a fan of Fenty lingerie, and this one is my favorite. I prefer the coverage and support it offers, and it's available in various patterns and shades. You can match the bra with a thong or a cheeky option.

Bralette from Araks (Extra small to Large)


I have checked these black, and chiffon style bras on Instagram previously, and I liked them instantly. The bra is perfect for small-bust women, and you can never go wrong with your style. You will get different colors from Araks, but I prefer the black satin style the most. You can choose from amazing sexy styles, and the products are USA-made. The material is silk with cotton crepe. And you must not forget about the bottom wear with this bralette. If you watched some Bond movies, then you may have noticed the styles of the female characters. So, when you will wear this bra and bottom from Araks, you may get the feel of a Bond lady, and you must stare at yourself in the mirror.

Triangle Comfortable Bra from Else (Extra small to Extra Large)


These types of bras from Else are perfect to hang in luxury women's underwear shops. The honeycomb net pattern is my favorite because it gives a sexy look. You can wash it with your other clothes, or hand washes it, there are no restrictions.

Lace and Ribbed Bra Top from Annie (Extra small to large)


I'm an avid admirer of ribbed bra tops and the lace bra from Annie. The lace option is for special occasions, like when you are chilling at the poolside or on a beach. The soft style and lace design will always make you feel special. The ribbed bra top is a perfect fit with an unbuttoned shirt, and it will give off a casual vibe. The material is soft, so you can stay comfortable for a long time.

Tove Bra (Small to Large)


If you are looking for a fancy option, then Tove's bra is the best for you. This bra is made of luxury satin, you can also check out the bottom wear. It's comfortable, mainly because it's wireless, you will get adjustable straps and tight fastening. The bra is elegant in looks, so you might stare at your reflection in the mirror for some minutes.

Push Up Wireless Bra from Aerie (40DD to 30A)


It's unlike me that I'm adding a push-up bra option to this list, but sometimes we all want that attractive look. This bra is a push-up option, and it's wireless, so it will not make you uncomfortable. It has designed straps, and the bra has a pretty look.

Self-Adhesive Bra from Niidor (A to F sizes)

Self Adhesive Bra from Niidor will cost you fifteen dollars.


This bra is different from fancy styles in this list because this is for the events where you can go strapless. Strapless bra options are not that comfortable for me, because of the wires, where I want a bit more coverage with a better shape. You can purchase this bra from Amazon, and if you maintain the product properly, you can use it various times.

Organic Cotton Bra from Skin (Extra small to large)


This is another strapless bra option for small-chested women. I prefer this one because it offers a better feel and looks. You may get a uni-boob feeling from this brand, as it gives a better shape to your chest, and it's made of ninety-one percent organic cotton. The bra is breathable and offers good comfort too. And you will get the support of elastic at the bottom and the top of the bra.

Airlift Intrigue Bra from Alo Yoga (Extra small to large)


This is my choice for a good sports bra. I rarely use cotton options for bralettes, I prefer them when I'm exercising. But this bra from Alo Yoga is perfect for exercise. As I have a small chest, I do not require tight or thick straps on my back or shoulders, so I just prefer the adjustable straps on this bra. Sometimes, sports bras sag a little on my ribs, but this one fits perfectly.

How to select the small bust bras

Before I explain the tips for small bust bras, you must know the main things about choosing the right bra. Check out the points before you purchase a bra.

Find the right size for your bra

Regardless of the small or big bust, if you know the size of your bra, you will find the best bra. If you select the wrong fit, it will never look good on you. The size of a bra can be determined by two parts, the band, and cup size. The band is the size of your body, you have to measure your entire round ribcage, just below or above your bust. So, if you have measured thirty-two inches for the band size, you may wear a thirty-six or a thirty-four size bra.

The size of the cup is measured by checking the differences between the middle of your chest area and the rib cage. For the cup measurement, you have to wear a simple, padless wireless bra, and measure the widest section of your bust. You have to make the measurement gently because if you pull the measurement tape tightly and squish your breasts, you will not get the right size. You can try breathing deeply before taking the measurement. Once you have measured your chest, deduct the band size from it. The cup size is the deduction result of the two tape measurements.

Bra brands do not offer the same size. So, you may get a different measurement from a brand, than the one you mostly buy from. It will be a bit confusing at first to choose the right size for the bra, and this is the reason Leonisa provides a hundred percent free exchanges and returns for the orders within the USA.

Check the shape of your bust

Women's chests are not the same, as the tissue on the bust area is different for everyone. So, when you are buying a bra, and if you have a small chest, you need to measure and understand the shape of your chest first. This will assist you to choose the perfect style and comfortable bra. For example, if your breasts are heavy at the bottom, you can go for a balconette bra option. These bras have the shape of a lower cup and have fewer clothes to cover the top. But if your breasts are full from the top to bottom, you may have to avoid a balconette bra, because it will give a boxy look to your chest. You will find many options for bras, that will give you a perfect look, but you have to choose the correct one. If you are confused with the options, you can make a free consultation with a personal shopper website, and you will get help with your choices.

Select the padding you want in your bra

Like me, many other smaller chested women out there like to wear a padded bra, that gives their chest a fuller shape. If you are looking for a padded option in a bra, you have to determine, how much padding you need, and which places the padding will be distributed. Some bras offer thick cups and it gives better support to the overall area, so they can hold for a long time, and it won't make your chest look bigger. In addition, if you look at a push-up bra, they offer thick pads at the bottom of the bra cup, and it pushes the natural bust up to make them look bigger. However, all push-up options aren't the same, you may get a bit more padding in one than the others. You must remember this when you are purchasing a padded bra for a small chest.

Opt for the favored features

It may not be significant to you that bras come with various features. Some are available in laces, pads, front clasp, and convertible straps and some are best for crop blouses. Some of these designs may be in your wardrobe, and you have to understand which one suits your requirements. If you jot down the things you want for a comfortable bra, you can choose the right product. If things are complicated for you, you can get in touch with our website of personal shoppers, and you will get help on the size, fitting, and everything else you are looking for in your bra.

Check out the span between your breasts

Not every woman has the same bust style. Your breasts may have a wide span between them, and for others the gap is small. When you have a wider space and big breasts, it won't be apparent when you wear the right bra, because the skin on that area will push the cups closer to the center of the chest and this covers the wide space. But with a smaller chest, you will not get that skin tissue support at the center of your chest, and it will show that you are wearing a bra with fuller cups. If there is a wide space between the breasts, then you can purchase a bra that also has a cup set far apart from the other. This will give the perfect fit for you.

Get used to the wireless designs

The best thing you will have when you have a small bust is that you can get used to the wireless designs. However, underwire design is very important when you are looking at a push-up bra and other styles. It gives the proper structure to the bra and makes you feel confident too. However, you may feel discomfort after some time, as it makes the bra stiff, and you may have a hard time managing it. Then if you end up buying the wrong size, it can be a huge problem. You will get several choices for wireless bras, and if you have a small bust, you can go for the lacy lingerie options for yourself. If you do not like the wired bras, and you have a smaller bust, then you can easily throw out the underwire bras from your closet, and fill it with wireless options.

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